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I need to pay off debt now! only asset is pending huge action I am the plaintiff?

Posted in Working Mothers on 27th February 2013

I need to pay off debt now! only asset is pending huge action I am the plaintiff?
Wrongful death suit “mother”;! Can I advocate for the money I know this sounds bad, but the cost of taking care of my mother, my finances, I ruined dont even have a car my brother never helped neither has my sister alone … Best Answer (s):

response from cridler
Until you get to the judgment and there are no outstanding appeals, you have no assurance of collection, so no one will give you an advance on credit. Just be honest with the creditors and get your life back together. You did the right thing, you have no family or friends who can help you in the meantime.

happen response from Beautiful ♥ ♥
Bad things in life .. sometimes can do theres finding u, but wait. Credit is important but not as important as surviving until the next day. You can only do so much, you may need to put off til they get bank to pay you things together, one of your debt if you can.

answer by Franco
You can ask your lawyer one thing that you like, and your question is entirely legitimate and relevant. Good luck, you deserve it.

response from bdancer222
If your only asset is a pending lawsuit, you did not really have any assets. A wrongful death lawsuit could drag on for years and years. Even if you win eventually your lawyer. Regardless of its spending and its share first You would probably part with siblings and other relatives, who will appear the woodwork for their piece of the action you teilen.Holen get a job and work your way out of debt. No more long waits for this process to sitzen.Sie still have to pay for your mother’s debt, no matter what the collectors are trying to tell you.

Kneeling on rice corrective action?

Posted in Child Care on 20th May 2011

Kneeling on rice corrective action?
Kneeling on rice is more painful to adults than to children due to weight and as we grow ppl develop a small knee problem even though you may not notice. Before i go on i will state that as a child i have done it for around 6hrs for something extremely bad that i have done, and i started kneeling on rice when i was about 5 years old.

Kneeling on rice was a good punishment because nobody wanted to do it and to avoid kneeling on rice you would have to be good so being good was the only option. And what made kneeling on rice so effective was the “Disappointment” or “Proud” act, meaning at the end of the night you explain to your child how you felt when you put him/her on rice.

“Son, i didn’t want to put you on rice, but you know the rules, it just disappoints me that you did that, but your an amazing child and i know you are better than that, i love you and good night and all that good stuff” smile and kiss your child goodnight and prepare for tomorrow… make sure u got breakfast in the fridge and all that.

If you don’t have to put ur child on rice at the end of the night make sure you let him/her know that he/she did good. By you saying how proud you are of your child is reward enough because kids should never expect something in return for doing the right thing, otherwise your child will expect something every time.

If your child keeps doing good and is respectful all the time, don’t mention it at night, wait a week or two and be totally amazed, “you have been so good this past two weeks im so proud of you” or how ever you want to go about that, Which also means taking your child to the amusement park or any Fun area will be allot more pleasant and you will find that your child is allot more thankful that your child is even out there having fun. Just have respect for your child as your child will have respect for you, because after a while you will never have to put your child on rice anymore, your child will develop a different view of life and would WANT to do good in life, and enjoys being respectful, and will love all the great comments teachers and other adults will say about her to her face and to her parent/guardian.

This is how its done where im from for most of us in Hawaii. Rules are enforced strictly to raise respectful, responsible children who do NOT kick and Scream in the super market, who do NOT talk back to teachers and other adults, who do NOT stomp their feet and slam doors.
As a parent you are obligated to Teach while your child is young because methods of punishment has seldom effect on a child who grows custom to being bad and not listening and not caring.

Saying “NO” in your serious voice has little to no effect on your child, children are smart so your child will either run away laughing, throw a fit, or just cry.

“Time out corner” has a better effect than other punishments except after a while sitting in the corner gets boring and it doesn’t really matter if your sitting in the corner or not. your child stops caring.

“Spanking” is effective if done right, you cant go overboard but you also cant just give a slap on the wrist. a spanking is supposed to hurt but to an extent, no blood shedding or big bruises. and remember your spanking a child not beating a drunk guy at a bar.

“Slapping palms with back scratcher” it stings and kids hate it, give about 10 – 15 hits on the palm of the hand Then sit your child in the corner to cry it off and think about what happend.

Remember when turning to corrective action you do not need to yell, scream and all that loud stuff, your punishment will speak for its self.

Parents who say “these kids are too much i cant handle them”, That’s entirely your fault for not enforcing rules when they are young, It hurts to see your child cry and all that but it will hurt even more when your child hits the 2nd grade and is completely naughty headed already at such an early age in the wrong direction.

I know there are some children who just love being good and the parent does not have to do anything, so before you say anything im happy for you and all but not all children are like yours. Also the area that your child is raised in have a huge effect on your childs actions and decisions including who your child decides to idolize. i know there are alot of parents who disagree with Physical corrective action so im ready for your bashings.

Its Tradition and i guess the question is, do you agree with this or not?

Best answer(s):

Answer by LYNN in FL (suspended @#*%)
Kneeling on rice is torture not punishment. A spanking is better than torture if you feel pain is the only solution. Geez.

Answer by jigfam
Kneeling on rice is child abuse.

Answer by Natasha
i had an ex who had to kneel on rice and that was the punishment that stuck in his mind. that’s how awful it was and the fact that he was still upset about it says a lot. that should not be a form of punishment for children. i will admit i do spank on occasion and i would rather spank my son then have him fine and playing 5 minutes later than to have him kneel on rice for a period of time.