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What is the views of the cathloic lay people of the child abuse?

Posted in Child Support on 21st June 2014

What is the views of the cathloic lay people of the child abuse?
but not only that but the reactions of the “higher ups”
blaming the priests actions on all sorts but not actually doing anything…
im just curious to see what people think of it

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im well aware of the reasons of why the church made priests celebate (so the land the church owned would not get passed down away from the church)

this is about the reaction to the scandal because alot of the bishops are defending it i waana know what the people think
for people who dont know about this there were boarding schools for children set up in ireland (this affects other places too but ireland has finished its tribunal on it) whithin which the children suffered numerous manners of abuse… this had gone on for 60 years… summed up in this video

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Answer by pqkiller
Catholics will defend their own to the end without even realising it. An unfortunate side effect of the xian religion in any form is the constant need to validate and justify the belief in ridiculous morals such as abstinence in order to continue to feel what little comfort can be obtained by thinking that at the end of days you will be rewarded for it. Some catholic bishops have said that the children tempted the priests by being homosexual…..

Answer by robert C
it has been proven that well over 50 % are of a homosexual nature.
apart from that, the idea of sexual abuse in any part of society i find abhorrent.
even in public schools, and broken families , in most cases unless the victims come forward who can tell what goes on.
i see where the mormon church has paid a large amount in their scouting org. and the scouts have to turn over their perversion files , over 1200 , some going back to the 1920s.

Answer by Messenger of God
As a Catholic I’m against child abuse and against the Church covering up these scandals. I believe the Pope has the responsibility to excommunicate these child molesting Priests from the Church.
But you have to also understand that the media has blown the number of Priests that do these horrible things way out of proportion. I’m sure if the media dug in enough they could also reveal some Protestant church scandals.

Any Christian that supports “child abuse” is not a true Christian.

Was it sexual abuse or an affair?

Posted in Babysitting on 2nd October 2013

Was it sexual abuse or an affair?
He touched my breasts when I was young, and I told him to stop, so he left me alone, I was only about 9 or 10 and did not know the severity of this harassment or what was. Later in my life came one night when I was 15 my stepfather was in my room and started kissing me in my sleep I started to wake up and really did not know what was going on, and he said, you know how hard it is being in love with you and your mother at the same time, pushed him away, because he made me sick.The I confronted him with it the next day and said, “You mean what you say” (I thought he had have sleepwalking and he was on strong medication the night before because he in which he made a bad attack. I did not say, because I would not believe me .. I went about my business my mother, and I have did not tell anyone. My mother would stay at home and “baby sit”, because he has seizures and could not be left alone by themselves. I did not, but she and me angry at me because I wanted to go with her ., I had to stay home with him and I was sitting on the couch and he came over and sat down beside me and started kissing me., I said wait, your married to my mother He bugged me for a long time, it to allow sexual things to do with him and he told me things he had dreamed roughly about me. Not only was I curious about sex, but he would not stop bugging me to be with him. finally collapsed so i I thought if I let him do, he would leave me alone. things he would say, “People fall in love, and things like this happen all the time.” as for me and if you ever your mother said she would kill us both, and when I would ask, what if I get pregnant end he the things I will say just kill me., and your mother would kill us. anyway, kept the sex and other things going on, and if he would make sure me I would go into the bedroom looking for him. my mother did nothing, but they told me i should not go in there room while he was there, but I went anyway., and they knew it something fishy everything, but she would never look into it more deeply she let it just go my mother knows everything and this day she still wants to be with him, so I ask you the following questions:..? What is your opinion, this is my Error I was abused, what do you think, what is your perception of this whole thing? HE IS in Gefängnis.Ich am now 20, my mother knows about it, but said I had an affair with him, the police were already before 5 years, this is y hes called in prison, I am now on my own and married my mother tell my friends what a whore I am parent, my mother told me that that was my fault, and only 50% give him the guilt, because she thinks I still had an affair so now I have a hard time understanding if it was abuse or if I really a whore Best Answer (s):.

reply by Kristina Howarth
sexual abuse the police before he does hurt someone else

reply by Sarah
SEXUAL ABUSE , call the police

Reply shiannew
That’s not right. You must call the police. How literally get your ass of the internet and call them. Do this before he thinks he can get away with it. Show him your biger and badder than he is.

Reply mrsv
I only read the first part up to where your stepfather kissed you in your sleep. Either way …. Tell your mother – if they do not, a counselor, pastor, police officer, whatever. It does not matter who, as long as they are a trusted adult. This is not useful in every aspect. They should never be exposed to this or any other form of harassment. Medication is an excuse, seizures are an excuse, it is not akzeptabel.NEIN that is not your fault! This is the evil deeds of a sick man with a “disability” as an excuse to act inappropriately with a minor. He needs more help than any anti-seizure medications can give, and you have taken from this abusive environment immediately.

Reply by just me
it was sexual abuse! Your brain was not even in full at the time (not fully developed until you are 18) developed so you just knew what was right, what did your father figure / say. 0% of that was your fault! I’m sorry your mother says these things about you, probably because she feels bad that she did not STEP UP and his mom and take care of you, by you to stop the abuse. Also, if you would go looking for it, it is still not your fault, because that is what you have been conditioned to do as a child. Check out the book “to get rid of my shame,” the book has helped me has a lot in recovering from sexual abuse from my husband of my mother. My mother chooses to stay with him even though she knows what he did to me: (I have them both removed from mylife to protect myself and my family for emotional / physical / sexual abuse .

If prison guards abuse prisoners, should they be punished in the same manner as anyone who commits a crime?

Posted in Babysitting on 5th January 2011

If prison guards abuse prisoners, should they be punished in the same manner as anyone who commits a crime?
When a prison guard is caught abusing the very individual(s) he’s been hired to “babysit”, just because he can; should he/she be punished in the same manner as the criminal or should society turn the “other” cheek? And what makes his actions any different then the individual(s) he’s hired to look after?

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Answer by capu
Of course

Answer by ryliepsmomma
Hey if you’ve done something to deserve being put in prison, they deserve what they get.

Answer by edmdood24
No they shouldnt they should protect prisoners but the odd beat down they deserve shouldnt be punished like a criminal.

Answer by chuckles
Yup – abuse is abuse

Answer by h_chikamori1970
Abuse is a crime. As such the guard would therefore become an offender and as such, he should be punished to the extent the law allows.

Answer by beach-bum
They should be punished

Answer by cosaxteacher
If they are not allowed to abuse the prisoners, then yes, they need to be punished too. It will also depend on circumstances. I mean if a guard has to hurt a prisoner to stop the prisoner from hurting another prisoner, it’s justified.

Answer by robsrecords
Absolutely! No one is above the law!

Answer by average_guy_1271970
A crime’s a crime. Judges look at mitigating circumstances when deciding how to punish crimes. If a guard had been abused by the prisoner previously, then it might lighten his sentence.

Answer by amazingant111
nothing makes his/her actions different. just because he/she should be punished doesn’t mean that our society as a whole is smart enough to see that.