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Do you think that the odd stigma of an “absent mother” has an impact on the number of women …?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of Franzia Kafka : Do you think the odd stigma of an “absent mother” has an impact on the number of women …?
decide to cancel, so we say that more women have their babies for the fathers decided – they gave to the father and either did or did not visit the child regularly. (It seems strange to go to work and to see a mother and her child to attend each week, as fathers often think.) Is it too can absent mothers and bad kind of strange or terrible stigma they have as the absent fathers seem? How much do you think the number of women could be because of how “weird” would stop the situation if they had to “pass” the child influence with his father – to go or because she was too emotional to secure the baby ” with their lives “without him? Why does it seem our society thinks children are deeply hurt or damaged absent absent mothers than fathers, or, perhaps more importantly, that children resent their mothers away about absent fathers interesting Mollypop: “This suggests that the idea of” femininity “is still very much tied to the idea of” motherhood. ‘”I think you are absolutely right that women often definiert.Siggy of their offspring than men. Here, Siggy, Siggy. * Waves contribute high-heeled shoe * Yah, anti-choice like” It’s OK for the baby for adoption. – It is great, almost like the thing you never do to wear it and emotionally attached to it for a whole 9 months and then .. . we take it away! And you will not worry about the head for nothing. “ Best Answer:

reply amarie801
I agree, it seems that mothers are away at a worse reputation than absent fathers. This could be because of the company or research, or because of psychologists? I’m not sure that this will have an impact on the abortion rate. It would not influence my choice …. but then again I wouldnt an absent mother. I had an absent father. He left when I was 2. My mother was also not present. She worked full-time and on their time, it was her time … where men? This is a great toll on me and took my anger was for them far beyond that of my father.

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