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Dream about the end of the world?

Posted in Working Mothers on 6th May 2014

Dream about the end of the world?
I had a dream not too long ago that it was the end of the world. I dreamed about it because everyone was making a big deal about June 6th, 2006 or whatever. My dream wasn’t scary, though. The whole town was standing around this giant clock, waiting for 4pm, because that was when it was suppose to end. At 4, nothing happened, and everyone went back home. But then, my brother saw on TV that in other places of the world, where it was passed 4pm, big waves or a tsunami had hit and it was the end of the world there. My brother and I started to prepare. We called my mom at work, and she said she would finish up some work and be home. We called our dad’s house, and his girlfriend told me they were looking for batteries for a flashlight. I even rang my landlord’s doorbell and my landlady said,”I know! I might just take my pants and leave!”. My friend was on vacation, so I was watching over her bird, in addition to mine. Me and my brother stood on the kitchen chairs and I was holding the
bird cages over my head. That is pretty much where my dream ended. No one was really making a big deal out of it. It wasn’t scary. I figured being on the second floor and standing on a chair would protect me from the tsunami. What does this dream mean?!

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Answer by Dru
This could mean a ton of things. It was probably just in your head though.

A lot of people have a different theory to how the world is going to end.

This is your brains way of telling you hey, its ok. And trying to make it funny.

Answer by ——- –
Unfortunately this dream has been through many of us and yes it is a wake up call but more so what is to come. There is nothing you can do about the inevitable but only be warned but many I have spoken to have been having more dreams such as this one.

Answer by ¸.•*´`*♥ I ♥ My Boys ♥*´`*•.¸
To see a clock in your dream, signifies the importance of time or that time is running out. You may be feeling some anxiety of not being on top of things. Your mind may be preoccupied with a deadline that you have to meet or some other time-sensitive issue. It is time for you to tread on and speed up your actions. Alternatively, clocks are representative of death, especially if the clock has stopped. This is a common theme for the terminally ill or the dying.

To dream that a clock is moving backwards, parallels the way that your life is going. Instead of moving forward and progressing toward your goals, you feel that you have not made any significant accomplishments. You feel you are stuck in a rut.

A clock seen in your dream may also symbolize the ticking of the human heart and thus is indicative of the emotional side of your life.

Answer by zephir
your dream is a reference to the tsunami that hit the people of southeast Asia, the one that kills a bunch of people and i don’t remember when that happened.

its just a really wild and surreal dream you had. nothing more. your brain just pieced together a storyline from random thoughts or memories floating about in your mind.

Answer by Matrix
Here you tell me you are “preparing” for the end of the world by packing things that are precious to you. Things that you can’t take with you into eternity. Why prepare this way? There is nothing you can take with you when you die.

You’re preparing this way because it is what you have been taught. Your church is teaching you incorrect doctrine – or you are not in a church and what you have learned through whatever channel you have learned it is incorrect. You need to prepare for the coming of Christ in a different way.

Even in preparing this way, you see people preparing poorly – which suggests to me that you see how poorly Christ is represented by the church. Your friend on vacation – if you’re listening to her, she doesn’t have a clue what is happening.

Watching t.v. – means you see that the time of the end is fast approaching, you see the signs that Christ spoke of.

Calling people – tells me that you’re talking to other people about God, or more specifically looking into different faiths.

Your father’s girlfriend looking for batteries to a flashlight – means she is looking for truth, he does not yet have it. The fact that she is searching for batteries tells me that she DOESN’T have the power of God in her life – to see clearly (as per what a flashlight gives you – light in the dark).

This is any church friendly to the Roman Catholic Church – for example, Anglican, because the minister in any Roman Catholic Church is called “father”.

Your mother at work – she is preoccupied with things of the world.

Your mother in this dream represents the “mother” church – which is considered the Roman Catholic church.

Your landlady taking ONLY pants – so for the end of the world she wouldn’t even be fully dressed? Hmmm… wow is she off.

The fact that she’s excited about it and tells you she’ll just leave suggests to me that she (or an authority figure) believes in the rapture…. landlady… it could be that the church you are in believes in the rapture, or the church you are in closest association with (if you are not in a church). The fact that this church is exposed as partially naked… seems to represent Revelations 3 here, where the angel that speaks to Laodicea says that you do not know that you are “naked”. The fact that this particular person is a landlady also suggests the belief that this person (church) is wealthy, that they wholely believe they are on the right path. A landlady also demands rent on time. This could speak to a church that is very interested (perhaps even TOO interested?) in tithes, or giving of any kind.

The fact that you figured you should be on higher ground suggests to me that you are on your way to knowing the truth. However, a chair can be unstable. So whatever you are being taught, is partial truth.

Your dream not too long ago about a date in particular has symbolism for the NUMBERS in it – 666. Much of the Christian world has a very harsh misperception of these numbers associated with Revelations. The fact that people were making a big deal of it in your dream makes total sense. The Christian world is scared of things like barcodes being encrypted into your forehead or hand, microchips being grafted into your body, and the likelihood of either of these things ACTUALLY happening is very minimal.

The timing … is either before, or past what people would be looking for on that day. 6 am, or 6 pm is what they should have been looking for – it tells me that the people surrounding you are confused about the times. Then the time goes by and they are disappointed… so instead of staying prepared, they go on with whatever, and don’t pay any more attention to what is really happening.

Your dream ends with you having caged birds over your head… this is your faith, that needs to be set free in order for you to live. A bird, in the time of trouble can fly to safety – but if it is caged, then in the time of trouble it can only be where it is, and is NOT safe.

Many people see the 10 commandments of the Bible as a “cage” – but it is not, it is the law of liberty. If you want to liberate your faith… you need to follow them. James 1:25-2:12 will demonstrate a little of what I mean.

The fact that your friends birdcage is over your head means you have the power to influence her faith, to liberate her as well. This could be more of a metaphor also – symbolism of freeing up others who do not know God (or whose beliefs are currently “on vacation”)

There are 5 ladies that you directly speak of in this dream – I find that rather than being specific people, this speaks more to the parable Jesus told about the 5 virgins that did not have oil.

I find it interesting that your brother seems to be the only male in this dream. He represents Christ here. The fact that you are preparing with him says to me that you are listening to the Holy Spirit.

Do you know about great armenian poet Avetik Isahakian?

Posted in Working Mothers on 15th March 2014

Do you know about great armenian poet Avetik Isahakian?
here are links

here you can find his works
pay attention on this works

and in the end this poem of Charents


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Answer by ╬ MЭЯCUŘY ™ ╬
Ohhh yeah… I used to read nd memories his poems back then in Highschool for Armenian class 😛
bt i like his poems tho… nice cool sentences… really touching tho.
tnx bruv for the links
u rock

Answer by Annabella
No, not at all. Have his works been translated into English (or any other language)? If you want Armenian culture to be known, translation is absolutely necessary.

Edit: Dear Sera, thank you so much for the links and the poem. I wish I knew more about Isahakian and all these Armenian writers. I saw that he actually lived in France! And I have just checked and saw that he had been translated into French as well.
The only other Armenian writer I have heard of is Hagop Oshagan. I have been told that he was one of the greatest:


Answer by eli m
no never heard of him before.. who is he?

Answer by boy*toy
i do now, thanks .

Answer by Sera is back
Avetik Isahakian
Avetik Issahakian was born in October of 1875 in a little village called ‘Khazarabad,’ in Armenia. He received his education at Eichmiadzin’s Spiritual Academy, followed by studies at Leipzig and Zurich Universities in Europe, which included courses in history and literature.
Issahakian spent time in Paris, France and in 1934 returned to Armenia, where he played an active role in creating the Armenian Academy of Sciences. He was also nominated to the Chairmanship of the Armenian Writers.
Mr. Issahakian wrote numerous lyrics that dealt with themes of fatherland and of motherly love. Some of his works were, “Yerker oo Verker” (Songs and Wounds), “Abu Lalla Mahari,” “Im Hogin” (My Soul), “Mayrigis” (To My Mother), “Gisher” (Night), “Goozes Linem” (You Want Me To Be), “Hayrenikits Heroo” (Away From My Fatherland), “Dariner Hedo” (Years Later).
Dozens of his poems were set to music. His works in Armenian were translated and published in English, Russian and many other languages.
Issahakian died in 1957 and was buried in Yerevan’s Artist’s Pavilion.
link to his poems in Armenian aa

Answer by Artistichand
It is nice to see our Armenian sisters and brothers talking about their poets and trying to rebuild their culture after Russians pressed them into nothing during cold war period….I hope they will go back to prosperous and happy times of Ottoman Reign under which they were considered as human beings… They owe a lot to Ottomans who professed and preached humanity for all minorities (45) under their reign….

Answer by Masis
Yes I know and thanks for the site.

Hello English speking people could you please answer my questions about English?

Posted in Working Mothers on 21st February 2014

Hello English speking people could you please answer my questions about English?
Hello all. I am a student from Iran. I only have a few questions.Could you please answer? Thanks to alle.1-Whenever you say “I’m going to be a translator.” it means that “you just want / want to be / to a translator” or “you are a student and you can actually be a translator?”, and even if you say, “would or would” You are near speak future or not? you are sure that what actually happened, or do you doubt? 2-Could you please answer the above questions about “about to” “to die He is / go / etc” in sentences like? 3-sentence true is? “Should I go?” or “should I go?” and “You should get some sleep,” or “you should get some sleep,” and what is the difference between and should? 4 And I always have problems when choosing between “would” and “could”. The one I sall here “If I were you I would / could go,” and if you say, “I would not be there,” it means “you do not want to be there” or “you can not be there” ? 5-cmbination that is true? / We take some rest / sleep? 6-what is true, I mean, where do I ‘always’ here? “It was not always so hot” / “it has never been so hot” / it has not always been so hot “7-which means” break “or” make it “mean? 8-What do you say, for example, • if a part of the PC does not work anymore If you say “it has burned” or otherwise “broken it” or 9 if you say: ‘? I prefer to do it “” I’d rather it “means 10 In examples such as “the door of the car / the car door” I can both forms in all situations? For example, it is correct to say, “my mother’s relatives?” or should I say “my mother’s relatives?” and the President `s statements “or” the statement of the President “? 11-Is that true, to” poor me “, like when you say” poor you “say? 12-this is true? “Thank you all” or “thank you all” Best Answer (s):

slickkittykattwhopurs answer
There are online courses that you can do better than people on Yahoo do not unterstützen.Verstehen me wrong, but most Americans do not speak proper English in the first place, so that the safe bet is online gehen.Viel luck!

Reply captmhunt
If you really a student in Iran, then I’m the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet … Sorry … I’m not going to pseudo-question

Reply lilyoungin979 bite I
think the questions your asking are both correct, but not because you are sure that you make resonible questions

Reply makroonies
one. both are richtig3. should I go? And you should bekommen4 some sleep. if I were you I would go there ……… can any of the two bedeuten5. get some sleep … and take some Ruhe6. It has never been so heiß8. it hat9 broken down. yes, it means dass10. both are richtig11. yes, that’s richtig12. Thanks to all of you

Reply Reapor th!
. if you say, “I’m going to be a translator” means these two things that you are erwähnt.A) and Translator want andB) is assumed usually assume that you are going to school to be a “Go”. in the correct term “will” is okay if you reden.2 with friends. most people do not say “he is about to die.” it is, he will die “3” Should I go “is more informal,” shall I go “is more richtigeund it is,” you should get some sleep “4” If I were you, I would go there . “” I would not be there “is very stiff in his delivery, it sounds as if you do not want to be there, which will lead to some problems later on you might want to say:..,” I will not go there, or I will not be there “5 Get some rest or sleep is in order., or take a Pause.6., it has never been so hot., all are correct, but has not taken or not you should use, had not or do not have. makes it more fluid klingen.7. cancel it means you are going, something to make brechenSie it means you are Goung something to machen.8., it is degraded normal9. yeah, the same Sache.10 . most of the time you will be the car door, not the door of the car.much easier to break things down so simply say statements of the President is more common than the statement of the President to hören.11. poor me, is the right one. Poor you have to you bekommen.12 in fights. either is good, but it should seinDanke, everyone, thank you all orwith English, easy to learn the basics is good, but you have also to make conversation. many people are informal in their speech if you sound “formal”, it is to make the conversation awkward. so try and keep things simple and easy for the most part.

response of CK
one. They are said to be on his or translators are planning. To walking or going near future or distant future sein.2. About the – would be near future and with certainity. But it depends on the context. Someone might say, “He’s dying.” If they are angry at someone while they are going to konfrontieren.Wenn I say: “I am to go.” It would mean I would be leaving in the near future werden.3. “Should I go?” is to ask permission or “Should I go?” will be asked if you are obliged to go. But most would say it is austauschbar.4. If I were you, I’d go there. I would not be there, it means that you do not want to go. If you say, I could not be there, it means that you are not there sein.5. resting or some sleep ist.6 correctly. Each of these correctly sind.7. They will break it – means whatever with brass brechen.Sie will do it – depending on the context of the sentence. If you mean, “you will make it there.” It means you will have success. Otherwise, it means that you are going to schaffen.8 something. If the computer does not work anymore, saying that I have a lot of not nice words, and then I say it “crashed”. I could just say “My computer does not work or my computer is broken.” 9 If you say you’d rather do it, it means that you want to add it to tun.10 over all other automatic. I would verwenden.11 the car door, relatives of the mother, statements by the President. I understand nicht.12 the question. Either is fine. I perfer “Thanks you!”

Reply KimballKinnison
Note I am an American, particularly California. Some of these issues could very well in the UK, India, Australia or abweichen.1 – If someone says, “I’m going to be ..” I suppose they think that they have a plan, and if everything according to it plan will happen, it’s not just a wish, but it is not certain either, as plans often do not. Only one wish would be: “I want to be ..”. I do not think that it connotes a certain time, someone could say, “I’m going to be a translator” when they are just starting out, a 6-year course, or if they just about to get on the bus to go to the UN with the work beginnen.Jedoch (very) young people might say, “I’m going to be a policeman when I grow up”, which is only a wish (and probably just a whim of the moment.) 2 “About to” compared to “will be” is much more certain and immediate. My new UN translator above would say, “I’m starting my new job as a translator at the United Nations.” He would only say that if it has been set and is at a certain time ab.3.Both “should I go?” and “should I go?” are correct, almost no one “will” used in the U.S. is not talking, but. For people who use both the “the” form is to ask “what should I do?” while “should” is more ask, “What do you think would be best for me” “You should get some sleep” sounds very bossy to me, it is something that might be a parent to a child, up to the end remained sagen.4. Dignity is usually more about desires, while might is more about the opportunity. “I would not be there” usually means, “I would not enjoy the consequences of there, and I do not think you would.” 5 Check either rest or sleep sounds to me OK. taking some rest sounds right, but formal / old-fashioned. Under some sleep not like anything I ever say hören.6. All of these are OK and mean the same thing, the first, with “always” at the end, sounds like the nachdrücklichsten.7 I’m not sure what you are here to fragen.Oh, I get it now. There is a business jargon / cliché expression. “We will make it or break here” “This is a make or break situation,” It means that when things are in order, the business will be successful when things go wrong, the business will fail. Like most business jargon, it is much more often than not, it is true sagte.8. Burnt only when actually smoke came out. Just “broken” instead of “broken”, 9th Yes, it doe, although in the “prefer”, there is a connotation that there are several options, one of which is the best, but none of them can be very pleasant specified. “I prefer” sounds more like it’s actually angenehm.10. the “of” constructions are always more formal / stilted than the possessive (‘s) or adjectival noun “car door”, but they are all richtig.11. People say, “Poor” (see Warren Zevon song “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”), but it is almost always in a self-deprecating manner said – “I feel sad for me, but I have to admit that things be could do a lot worse, “while” poor you “could actually be true Mitgefühl.12. Both are OK.BTW, “what is true” sounds weird to me, I would ask, or “what is more properly” “That’s right?”

response from a Designer
1. “Going to” can go either definition, dependent mean of the intention of the speaker. If unclear sense of the speaker, ask, because it could mean in the near or distant future: eg – A child says, “I’m going to be a fireman.” Obviously, the child will not be able to a firefighter until the distant future, when the child is old enough to be. And then the child may have changed the dream. When a student says, “I’m going to be an astrophysicist,” very likely that students will be an astrophysicist when he / she graduates from the program. “I’m going to be in a movie.” This could take tomorrow or next year. Again, the only way to determine time to fragen.2 the person who made the remark. “About the” implies a bit more immediacy than “going to”. However, there is still no definitive time frame that can be applied if you are in doubt, you should fragen.zB – A student at the beginning of his last semester of college could say, “I’m about to graduate college,” even if its conclusion is still technically months away. In the period of semesters, this is his last semester and once it is completed, it will be completed. A magician who says: “I am pleased with a rabbit out of the hat pull” is most likely that measures to carry out his intentions immediately after the call. As “straight” is relative to the purpose / situation of Benutzers.3. “Should” is the present tense “shall” is past …. formally correct English. But virtually no one common in American society says Shall more … and this situation also arises with “will” and “would”. I recommend visiting for a more detailed explanation of these Begriffe.4. “Dignity” is a form of “will” and “may” is a form of “can.” Again, I think “would” and “could” interchangibly used and therefore wrong. I’m going to do something, or I’m not going to do something shows effect / ability / commitment. I can do something, or I can not do something shows that, while the ability to do something that is there, the action or commitment is not there necessarily …. “I can dispose of the waste {my two legs of the work and I am strong enough to wear it} But I will not {Even if I physically unable to choose I}. “5 It is “GET some rest / sleep”, as in “I need to sleep” or “You really need to get some rest.” 6.Either “(has not, it is not spoken as a rule” “) ever been so hot , “or” It’s never been so hot. “7.Unless I see these phrases in context, I do not know what they bedeuten.8. Normally, people say “crashed” their computers, or that “it fried.” It could offer new slang that I’m not aware of it but these are the two most common terms I gehört.9. Basically yes “and not” and “dear” interchangibly can werden.10 used. You can either forms of the phrases you mention, use … it’s more about soon: “. Door of the car”, “car door” is more concise than 11 In what context? If I’m not here I’m not sicher.12 me. Either funktioniert.Ich studied in English never (much to my high school English teacher dismay) … but I’m pretty good at it. Anyone out there who does not agree with any of the above things? You are probably right … Good luck.