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Do you think that Christian dating sites, women should clarify “no children” when she had an abortion?

Posted in Child Care on 6th October 2013

Do you think christian dating websites, women should clarify “no children” when she had an abortion?
My buddy was on a Christian dating site chatting with a girl, she had no children to their profile. Then came the issue of abortion, and he finds out that she had an abortion. I think they should need is an option to “I had a child, but I decided to cancel” instead of making “no children”, says. My buddy wasted a lot of time chatting with this woman before he found out. Most Christian guys are not going to want a woman like at this time, you know Best Answer (s):

response from cassio peia
your friends list should be one of the duggar sknks

answer so far by Secret Agent of God (BWR)
It is not a man’s f *** ing business. 🙂

answer by Dana the Great (яє ∂ нσт)
Abortion does not prevent them from becoming a mother, it makes you the mother of a dead child.

Reply uberdork
wasted time? Well, that’s not very nice. The times not wasted if they were friends. You can never have enough friends.

Reply by Freak Of Care
Cool story, bro.

Reply by Jessi
What could possibly be a site able to clarify the women what they “no children” think of when she had an abortion? How would the site know even know if the woman decided to lie?

Reply 0
I somehow doubt that women about abortion on a dating site unterhalten.Es would like to talk haemoroids its inappropriate was a guy messing with you

answer by Dr. Frog, Flying High Again
Yes, because that’s what a grown woman chose to do with their bodies is entirely your Geschäft.Sind you not on it stoned to death now not a virgin?

response from Dash should
How clear about whether she is still a virgin?

Reply rumbler_12
Hmm, that’s right most evangelical Christians see it as a sin and they do not really forgive sin, they give lip service to the Wort.Also this woman must now wear the scarlet letter? Fairly shallow friend I would sagen.Keine children means children. If she had an abortion then no children and had never Kinder.Ich am sure that your “friend” he is so lily white pass judgment on this woman. “Let who is without sin cast the first stone”. Jesus Christ

Why do the same people who oppose abortion, support “free trade” child labor sweat shops in China?

Posted in Child Support on 18th January 2011

Why do the same people who oppose abortion, support “free trade” child labor sweat shops in China?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Bubba13
It’s called corporate greed.

Answer by igotbanned1
It would be nice if Americans could put Americans first rather than worrying about what goes on in another country like China.

Answer by pinkpanthergrrrrr
Your question is impossible to answer conclusively. First, you can’t assume that everyone who opposes abortion supports child labor sweat shops in China. Second, different people are going to give different reasons. I think one main reason is that as sad as it is a lot of people aren’t aware of the extent of child labor in China. Second, I think a lot of people oppose child labor but yet will still shop at places that sell the goods cheaply(i.e Walmart) because it’s more convenient to do so, kind of an out of sight out of mind thing.

Answer by Yvette B yvetteb
Abortion is common place in China, and Child Labor Sweat Shops are a different issue.

sweat shops are unsafe, dangerous and inhuman to go to, let alone work in.

Abortion is a personal choice. over there, the amount of children one is ‘allowed’ to have is limited or ‘rewarded’ for if done right. males are what most families want, so they abort or kill the baby girls shortly after birth.

its another countrys laws/rules, and none of our business anyway. at what point are we going to stop shoving our beliefs on other countries?

no wonder the rest of the world hates us.


Answer by mary 57whalen
Look up Hypocrites! These folk are usually the same ones always invoking the name of Jesus for all their actions. In the bible Jesus is not impressed.
If you look you’ll notice these are more or less the same people that scream murder, applaud when violence is used to blow up a clinic proudly proclaiming they are “PRO LIFE” yet they froth at the mouth screeching”PRO DEATH PENALTY”. These same people claim to hold life so dear from conception to birth, yet after birth they choose children to die of starvation in poverty as they continue to excempt themselves from taxes, give away generations of futures of other as they award to selves, cronys corperate welfare, no bid government contracts, (without any oversight or regulation to spending).Invade defenceless nations lying to citizens and sending the men, women, their sons, and the daughters of mass majority. (working class) deceant Americans trying to do right, get by, be good citizens and serve(some felt Army only shot at good education) Yet sent to die,or emotionaly damaged and discarded. (number of homeless vets is alarming)Then faced with truth of being sent as junta for 4 major U.S.oil companies. Raping and plundering Iraq as if they had legitamite claim.(almost million dead,U.S.and Iraqi. One congress man has son served. Thats it. The only beating the war drums and getting obsenely wealthier with each death and abuse, only send other poeples children. They even have the balls to refuse to help offset the cost by paying their fair share of tax, after all the war executers and cheerleaders are the only ones profiting yet the dying and getting poorer are expected yet again to pick up extra cost and by the way we plan to slash medicare, medicaid, plus a number of vet programs. To bad you lose.
Then the greedy SOB’s(own corporate media) can be seen baying like dogs with nonesense welfare moms or puplic schools or after alowing almost 2/3 of manu- facturing jobs to go exploit poeple in overseas sweatshops (once proud man now forced to crap in her pants/skirt..not allowed 5 minute bathroom break.
So you see they are all the same Bush, Clinton, Kennedey, Cheney, Rice, Wolfiwitz, Rove, Delay, Kissingter, Newt, Liberman, they pretend to have some degree of ideology at election time, yet the end of day shows as always they do as they please. Regardless of being elected to th will of the people. The do not give a sh*t. Public 95% against this immoral action? We can profit that much?….F#CK public lets shock and awe…Mary

Answer by theadvocate
A) not all people WHO oppose abortion support such things

B)If they did, that would be hypocritical

Feminist, since you are for abortion, then is it ok for Men to NOT pay “child support” ?

Posted in Child Support on 31st December 2010

Feminist, since you are for abortion, then is it ok for Men to NOT pay “child support” ?
If you think that just because the baby is only yours and you have
a right to abort it. Then how about not complaining to the government,
when your baby’s father does not want to pay child support for Women.
Why don’t we just make that into a law. If a Woman is a feminist,
and has a child, then the father does not have to pay any money
at all. Ha, ha, ha. Na, na, na, boo, boo. After all, the baby is not
really his property, now is it. Na, na, na, boo, boo. Zodiac has

Best answer(s):

Answer by sam
Yes, that’s fine with me.

Answer by emy
not every feminist thinks a child is only theirs and no a man had an input in to creating the child why should they be able to no help support their child..
i cant see how if you had a child you could abandon it like that just plain cruel trust me my dad did it

Answer by omorris1978
I am all for a man being able to give up his parental rights. If you do not want to be a parent, and in my opinion parents should be volunteers, then do not be an involved parent. In most places if you give up your parental rights, the states award SSI to the mother to help with raising the child. In most states they are called an “abandonment” award… little known fact in most cases but it is there.

Answer by dsds
agree. The woman uses child support to spoil herself in most cases while the kid is left in the hot car. A woman that cant keep the husband is usually a bad mom assuming the husband is a decent guy.

Answer by Eoghan.
At least the religions built in some benefits for protecting and providing, feminism seems to strip away the legal rights for men or make them on the whim of the woman while enforcing the providing.

I say lets deconstruct the man as provider role.

Answer by Sahara
I am not for abortion. I believe the decision belongs between the parties and the doctor. I don’t believe the government should be involved.

If you don’t want to pay child support then there is an easy solution – DON’T SLEEP AROUND and be careful who you decide to sleep with. Take some responsibility. If you sleep with a woman that you don’t care about it then I think that’s your fault for being stupid.

Answer by Tracey
Why do so many men presume that because *some* women are for abortion, then that allows them to opt out of parenthood with the women who aren’t?

Answer by Misogynophobianomicon
You are just mad cause it’s not your woumb and you have no say! I’d say you are woumbed.
You have to pay. So just send your checks now. It’s all your fault. Hee ha hee haah hah nah neeener neh neh!!!………… I needs to buy me some new shoes.

Answer by Jennifer W
You are thinking in the wrong direction, instead of thinking why should I have to pay child support for a baby I created, why not think, what the hell are these women who have abortions thinking? That is my child and I’m going to do everything in my power to protect it. I’m not going to stand for these women killing my kids. I know I’ll receive nothing but thumbs down for this answer, but it is still evident that 2 wrongs don’t make a right, so why not correct the first wrong instead of creating another one. Who is effected the most by all these compassionate, caring, motherly and fatherly ideas anyways? Tracey makes a valid point. 😉

Answer by The Naughty Librarian
Oh for heaven’s sake! Why doesn’t everyone just use freakin birth control if you don’t want a baby! The man AND the woman need to use it. Geez. I use birth control because I don’t want a baby. If I got pregnant anyway, then I need to take responsibility for that baby and so does my boyfriend. Period.
If you can’t handle pregnancy or child support, keep your frickin clothes on. It’s not that difficult.
Ok, I think I’m done ranting. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. 🙂