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In the health “care” bill, is what this ….?

Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of change Sucks # 2 : In the health “care” bill, is what this ….?
What is a “stake holder” is? Page 428, lines 5-13 … about what it means concretely Page 427 lines 15-24 mean there where it says, “makes or distributes accisible such contracts for doctors and other health professionals, confirmed that (under the professional authority under state law) may sign contracts for LIFE SUSTAINING BEHANDLUNG.Was the hell does that mean? Is it what it sounds? That the state to decide what measures can take a doctor in a situation that warrants life-sustaining treatment and the Doctors may (keyword) treatment has not said? Is this the case? So now we have allowed our government, rules, who lives and dies? to make determination? show? Someone told me where I’m wrong or I read correctly? And those who support this bill, like you think you want the government to determine whether your mother, child, sister, niece, to live or die YOU The bill Http:? / / / edlabor / AAHCA-bill-text 071409.pdfTippfehler, accessible, sorry … I was typing in haste and horror that I read hatte.Seite 442 09/01 to … What is a “cooperative state”? Scott … they can sign the orders, but only if it meets state law … So I ask this … Best Answer:

reply Care Obama = Death to America
Okay, the enemy has infiltrated the White House. IMPEACH him.

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