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Friend asked another girl to …..?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of * Basketball Star * : friend asked another girl to …..?
ok ik u could say, it is not so bad, but I would like opinions my friend (bf) has to babysit to Saturday and at noon the other day he asked me if I wanted to come and help, b4 I answer was said that other girl (THT was walking and overhear random) “Oh, I ‘d love to come, txt me l8er with the details!” I just wanted to ask my bf what he thought, but it rang and we had to go. I found out yesterday that this girl wanted to help him. and I went up to him and was like, “uh, what’s the deal?” He said that their parents and were apparently “long time friends”. I am soooo jealous! And I do not believe him! o and one more important detail, he “used” as is. He says he does not, and that I can trust him, but he flirts with her all the time When Saturday rolls around so I should txt him and say: “hey ru fun” baby-sitting. ” or should I just ignore him if he trys to text me thx and happy Thanksgiving to all Best Answer:

response from M-Babyyy
so, you should text him Samstagabend.Lassen you’re not playing, but at the same time make sure you’re right before you go accused him.

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