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Q & A: I need advice from “love” situation ….?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question from Laura Capricorn : I need advice from “love” situation ….?
I have a bit of a scenario that I say a little about me, what do you do think.Well beginning when I started to talk this guy confused, I asked him for coffee, he said he would meet with me, but said he couldnt because he had to work until 2 clock in the morning, but that he would call me the next day, in which he didn’t, so I thought forget it, .. As monthly later somehow we are back in contact and talking and I can hear children in the background, and he tells me that his children’s mothers other two children she watches through a third party .. So I thought, okay maybe hes just a kind considerate father, .. So anyway I go over to his home and hes acting very stangely he actually sees around corners and hallways, … He was looking out the window .. I ask him: “What is wrong,” his answer “Nothing,” he says, “I just know sometimes kids play and get hurt here,” so I just want to make sure they okay “.. so I go out of his apartment and he goes like wayyy behind me, “and he told her he schduele says she works from 7 am as 11 clock, .. we talk a few months later and I realize that he does pick up his phone during the day sometimes, he mainly text .. what he says, is because hes at work or with his son, so that these last few times we have tried to get together, he told me: “Oh no, spend the night” because he’s always something to do with his son, or has at work or court .. such a week I am going to his apartment, and I notice his last name “Mitchell” in the telephone directory for apt # 103, so I ‘m thinking has moved hmmm it because I lived on the second floor, so that I thought Buzz apt 103, and issued a wife and children on foot, so I think I must have the wrong apt, and I go up the stairs to the apt that he in the second floor, the lady goes the stairs up and follow me alive, and gets aggressive and asks me “Who are u to see here” and I see her face closer, and what do you know his mother, his baby “.. So I panic and make a name, and they goes away and then follow me, pulls my car .. and she goes back into the house, so I had to see the guy and tells me to him in his apt that is fair on the second floor, and he told me that it leads me to feel guilty … and I wonder if there is someone else, and he says no. but I feel like theres something more, but how he could live upstairs and the baby lived mother below in separate apartments .. that makes sense, I mean when I looked in his room, he has clothes, a mattress in his room but no food in the refrigerator on his Facebook page he has his status as “single” lol I do not know what you mean? “If he’s with her, why he had the chance pass by me and the way that we run into each other” or do you think he is single and I’m just looking to far into things ? Best Answer:

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