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Is it safe for kids (3yrs old) really to swallow even a pea size amount of tooth paste?

Posted in Toddlers on 13th December 2010

Is it safe for kids (3yrs old) really to swallow even a pea size amount of tooth paste?
Just wondering because I gave my 2 1/2 year old her first real tooth paste teeth cleaning (used the fluoride free “toddler” toothpaste before). I used the “pea” sized amount to minimize the amount swallowed. I mean exactly how much are they talking about that could be poisonous cuz I remember eating toothpaste as a kid more than a pea size & I was fine. So how much really does it take to be considered poisonous? Just asking……
if it wasn’t potentially poisonous why would they have on the back of every label contact poison control if more than used for brushing was swallowed?
I used flouride free BEFORE. Now I used a pea sized amount of flourinated toothpaste.

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Answer by Dylzo
toothpaste isnt poiseness, if it was they wouldnt let us put it in our mouth!

Answer by tshirtzzz
they’ll be fine, manufacturers take these things into consideration when making their products….

Answer by Gordon
Most toothpaste these days aren’t harmful to you if you accidently swallow it. But even then, a pea-sized amount is nothing to worry about.

Answer by natrat2118
It has to be a real large amount, especially with fluoride free toothpaste. she should be fine. Like you, I swallowed plenty of toothpaste as a kid and i’m fine

Answer by Jo
Fairly certain swallowing toothpaste is just bad for you in terms of the fluoride–consuming a lot of fluoride tends to cause issues. If it was fluoride free and a small amount, then I suspect your daughter will be fine.

To elaborate, the poisonous aspect of toothpaste is the fluoride, which the paste you used didn’t have–it can cause fluorosis or other problems (eg kidney issues) in large enough doses. Other ingredients in toothpaste (sorbitol, sodium lauryl sulfate) are laxatives and can cause diarrhea, but it’s unlikely a tiny amount would have cause problems unless she makes a habit of swallowing it. 🙂

Answer by Julia G
nope it’s fine. There is a dangerous level of chloride at one point that would become toxic but a pea size is nothing to worry about.

love your concern for your child : )

Answer by Crazylele1
You would probably have to eat a lot of tooth paste to get sick. Like half of a big tube or more.

Answer by Sue
It’s not poisonous. The warning is on the package because some people freaked out because if you eat too much fluoride, it will stain your teeth dark permanently. Swallowing a little won’t hurt your little one at all.

Answer by unschoolymomma
To use fluoride or not to use fluoride. Many dentists vary on this.

I personally would not allow my child to use that until they know how to spit it out and not swallow it. I doubt a tiny bit now and then is going to hurt her. I still use Little Bear on my Daughter and she is 7 because she just can’t get the hang of not swallowing it. I am not sure too much Fluoride is even good.

They can get fluoride in the water and thru a special vitamin that the doctor can give you.

It is actually the flossing and brushing part that helps cut down on the cavities so don’t worry too much on the toothpaste. That is there to freshen breath and in some cases help to build up the enamel.

Answer by Kanibal Kay
when i was little, i would eat crest toothpaste, and listerine like candy, and i’m fine! (i’m 12) so i dont think a pea size is that bad