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How to Earn $3000 or more as Home-Based Child Care Provider

Posted in Child Care on 20th December 2010

How to Earn 00 or more as Home-Based Child Care Provider

The demand for Child Care Providers is on the increase. This is expected to continue. There is no better time than now for anyone with a desire to make money in this industry. There are several reasons the experts believe are responsible for this increase. To mention a few; the parents of these children had been forced to work outside the home as a result of the current economy. Most families are tending towards two income earners and as a result, they need a Child Care Provider to care for their kids. Unfortunately, the high increase in divorce rate is creating a situation whereby single parents (single mom / single dad) need a Child Care Provider while they are out at work. Some stay at home moms want their kids to attend day care for the purpose of playing, learning and socializing with other kids. They want their kids to start creating and nurturing relationships with other kids. There are many more reasons why parents need Child Care Providers like you to care for their children.

Huge Amount of Money To Be Made

There is huge amount of money in this industry to be made by children lovers. It is not uncommon that home Child Care Provider to make ,000 or more a year from the comfort of their home. In addition to monetary gain, home Child Care Providers enjoy the rare privilege of spending more time with their kids. They watch their own children grow. They enjoy being a part of every stage of their children’s life. Everyday would be like friends coming over to play with their own kids. Yet, they make money off this everyday ‘friends come over visit’. For those without any kids of their own, what a wonderful way to have children around you to play with, care for and acquire wonderful experiences with raising great kids.

Simple Idea on How To Earn 00 to 00 Per Month From Your Home

To earn 00 or more per month could be simple. Where I live in North America, the government allows a maximum of 8 children at a home day care without the need for government licenses or regulations. Check your government regulations for what applies in your locality. Day care monthly prices in my region could be as high as 0 or more per month per child depending on the age of the child. In bigger cities, I understand prices could sometimes average about 0 or more. In small/medium cities, you can easily average 00/month (8 kids at 0 each). In bigger cities, you will expect about 00 per month (8 kids at 0 each). If you desire to earn more money, check your government regulations on how to obtain a permit to increase the number of children in your home day care.

What Is Holding You Back?

Most moms really desire to earn good income from home. Some do wish to quit their jobs and create this kind of income as a child care provider. Some wish to start home day care just for the benefit of enjoying the opportunity of spending more time with their own children. They love to stay at home and