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Q & A: I have a 2-year diploma in early childhood education, where do I begin to find a job?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question by Cole B : I have a 2 year degree in early childhood education, where do I begin to find a job ?
I’m not interested in participating more in school to get my teaching certificate. I want to work with children. My main concern is simply a immpact on another person’s life. I’m kind-hearted and want to have fun. i specialize in special education to deaf studies. I completed four years American Sign Language. My mother owned and opperated own daycare when I was growing up and loved the atmosphere. I need someone to help! haha I do not want a “baby-sitting job with. I am a 23 year old male, who believes men need to play a better role in the lives of children Best Answer.

reply kentata
everywhere. Most kindergartens are very short besetzt.Hier in Hawaii, but you have a four-year study at a teacher or a very special two years certificate issued werden.Meine woman is the trainer for a large group of nurseries here if you want more information – Send me an Nachricht.Und, yes, they are always willing to hire men responsible … However, the scrutiny is intense for men than you might imagine.

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