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Which is for a 21st Birthday need?

Posted in Babysitting on 29th October 2012

What is a 21st after Birthday need?
My best friend just asked me if I “babysit” them after their 21st Birthday Adventure at the bar. Is there anything I can do or bring with me so that they recover from their massive hangover Best Answer (s):

response from Random Girl
DVDs, a cup of tea and some paracetamol 🙂 maybe even those you eyemasks that they filled with gel 🙂 really soothes the eyes and may help with headaches: )

response from Grand Mary
First, tell her not to drink so much. Next, if they do not drink too much, make sure it is safely home and then go to your house. Do not make it easy for them, or maybe they get where they to take care of them on drinking binges have expected. You do not that’s your life. Be strong and not an enabler for their to be a lot of alcohol. Good luck with this and God bless you for such a nice person.