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What do you think should be done with a 12-year-old murderer?

Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

question of Ben : What do you think should be done with a 12-year-old murderer ?
This is not based on any specific case, it is purely hypothetical ist.Okay, so let’s say that your child was at the age of 12 by a friend, the neighborhood in the same age has been murdered. The child, who murdered your child is by asphyxiation (suffocation) and did it intentionally, but whether the child fully understands his actions is unclear, considering his age. The child, your child is killed, the son or daughter of a prostitute, drug-addicted mother, the care of her child, as far as food, clothing and shelter (house) lasts. But the child is aware of what the mother and the mother has personally “work” on several occasions. The child also has porn movies with sex scenes, the mother is seen as brutal suffocation, and other kind of torture Fetische.Wie you think the child who is the murderer should be treated? And what to do with the mother @ Government Slave: My name is Ben and I have not even a Kind.Die premise of the question is from a TV show: Law & Order: UK Season 3 Episode 1 called “Broken” They are welcome to have a look for yourself Best Answer.

by Mr Jack O
Let’s go to him in prison so he can get someone to bit # h and raped in prison. He will learn his lesson.

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