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Sleepover Ideas / “War Stories” for 10-11yo boys? Help?

Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question Wondering : Sleepover Ideas / “War Stories” for 10-11yo boys? Help !!?
I’m not going to sleepovers because what I do with the children for the whole time had? My son really wants one – please help! How do you want to invite, “casual” friend? What I say to him when people say nothing (I think because they do not know / trust us!). What should I do to ensure the children! Gee whiz this is why I have always said “no”:) We have a large TV screen I am worried about falling in:) but it does have DVD and PS2. If my older son “babysit” the Rowdy crew? Should I? I’m so inexperienced with the ideas and your experiences would be very welcome by making sure I always worry about something happening to kids at sleepovers -! So I do not like my own invited to sleepovers. As a rule, act wild and could be injured. There are a million scenarios … most of them are the very reasons children like sleepovers Best Answer:

reply larodaz
experiments with a midnight party first … the party starts at 7:00 or so and can go until midnight, but the parents can come when they get the boys are ready. More parents should agree on this and then they can curfew for your child festgelegt.In that age – if you are a frequent presence … let them know you are on this test … But do not hang. But come by every 15-30 minutes with soda, popcorn, etc. and see what it going on for a few minutes and then on to bewegen.Stellen through you to the rules ahead of time and take things out of the room you do not want them in (such as films of PS-games that can be your older son that the parents do not want to see the younger ones, belong).

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