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symbolism and significance of Langston Hughes poem “MOTHER NEGROO?
The Negro Mother by Langston HughesLes children, I return aujourd’huiPour tell you a story of how long and sombreQue I had to climb, I had to connaîtrePour that the race might live and grandir.Regarde my face – dark Yet that night, shining like the sun with the true light of love. I am the black girl who crossed the sea transport rougeDe in my body the seed of liberté.Je’m working women in the domaineApporter cotton and corn to produire.Je’m the one who worked as a slave, Beaten and mistreated for the work that I gave-Children sold away from me, I’m husband sold aussi.Pas safety, no love or respect Was I raison.Trois hundred years in the deepest South: But God put a song and a prayer in my bouche.Dieu has a dream like steel in my âme.Maintenant, thanks to my children, I am achieving the objective. Now, with my children, young and free, I realized the blessing deed to moi.Je could not read then. I could not écrire.Je had nothing, there nuit.Parfois in the valley was filled with tears, But I went through the painful years of solitude.Parfois, the road was hot with sun, but I had to continue until my work was done: I had to keep! No stopping for me-I have been the seed of the entry gratuite.Je nourished the dream that nothing could étoufferAu bottom of my heart – the mother had Negro.Je therefore hope, but now thanks to you, Dark Ones Today, my dream has come true: All you dark children in the world out there, Remember my sweat, my pain, my désespoir.Se Remember my years, heavy with sorrow, And make those years a torch for demain.Faire my transition from road to lumièreHors of darkness, ignorance, nuit.Ascenseur up my banner poussière.Stand as free men supporting my trust . Believe in the law, that no repousser.Rappelez you whip up and monitoring esclavagistes.Rappelez you how strong in the fight and conflitsToujours bar the way, and refuse life-But still before March break barreaux.Rechercher ever higher towards the sun and étoiles.Oh, my dark children, may my dreams and you still prièresImpel the grand staircase, for I am with you until no brother blancDares limit the son of the Mother Negro.OÙ IS THE POEM SET? Is the REAL description or imagination or both? WHAT MODES OF CUSTOMS language of clothes, trips or sites of action ADD to the poem? ( I need to answer these questions based off the poem) Best answer (s):

Answer by Josie
I think the poem is set after slavery was enormous. Sense, the pre-slave who speaks directly to other black children, telling them how fortunate they now think I jours.Je bit of both. Because everyone knows enough about slavery to have a little background from photos, movies, books … etc. But it also described in the poem. But I knew right away that it was a poem of slaves from the beginning … as the first line. In addition, yes, the description actually happened .. if that’s what you’re wondering … They add character, I suppose. They add that this poem says. Who was / is experiencing this. Personality. In addition, it makes the poem entitled familiar and visible at the back, just by the language and the message> …

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