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Posted in Babysitting on 30th March 2013

Summer job for a 14 year old?
I do not want any stupid answers like: “baby-sit” or “mow the lawn.” I did that, and I want to save a consistent work preferably in a restaraunt or. Where is a place I can rent? I’m going in October fifteen, I’m super responsible, and this would be my first real big time job Best Answer (s):.

response from justwondering
well im inspired by one of my favorite summer places, so in gonna propose a snowball stand! its fun, plus you get to make (and eat!) snowballs, which are delicious. a lot of places could not rent, if you are 15, but I know a snowball stand wont have any problem. I think it’d be a fun job, and you can show up in T-shirt and shorts, so really casual and cool! =)

response from netthiefx
you need to check the law in your state or county where you live, what does it say about how old you have to be, because Here in Virginia, you must be 16 years old before you get to work. Again you need to check this yourself it from state to state and I have no way to know, I think in Texas, it might be 14, but again, I do not know, you just have to ask around or call the courthouse Schreiber.Darüber addition, as long as you meet these requirements, I would first talk to friends of yours who have a job, to see what they sagen.Und you can almost always at almost every fast food and general grocery store hired so long you are allowed to work legally.

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