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Posted in Child Care on 1st May 2014

SUKI………..why is she doing this to me ? Why do some people don’t understand others emotions ?
In my contacts there is a woman colled Suki. Her answers are just sublime….fantabulous.
I don’t know who she is, or how she looks, but still I have fallen in love with her..
By love I just don’t mean anything nasty , but that I respect her, I have a certain degree of affection for her and I do “feel” for her.. as a friend feels for a friend. She doesn’t allow emails , so how on earth would I talk to her .
I have posted this question again and again ……and 3 weeks ago she saw it and wrote a few lines to me as answers. She also mentioned that she isn’t interseted in talking to strangers. Well, since I took this much “pain” from all around this globe to contact her , is it not her responsibility to give me ONE chance to talk to her ? I just want to know more about you SUKI, to know more about what you feel, how you think , and if possible try to be your friend. I am just a college student and what harm could I possibly do to u SUKI ?
I have been in a relationship with you for the past 7 months. The only thing is that, you don’t know it.
Please GOD, give me atleat one chance to talk to my SUKI please…..
And my friends in Yahoo! Answers, please tell me…. am I that much wrong and unethical in asking to just talk to her ??
P.s She is a psychologist and I have no intentions in asking from therapy from her over the net, because this is what she thought when she answered and read my question 3 weeks ago.I have no intentions in crossing her professional lines….All I ask is for a little friendship.
Is it too much to ask for ONE chance friends ???
Maybe my tone sounded a little “taken for granted”. Forgive me Suki if I have hurt you again. But believe me, I am on my knees when I am writing this …..I PRAY TO HIM THAT SUKI READS THIS AND WRITES BACK SOMETHING TO ME…..

And why is it that I feel so helpless so frustrated and so “sad” when I learnt that she smokes ? Why does it troubles me to know that it would do harm to her ? At my heart, I feel that she is very good and she has a gleeful “child” somewhere within her who loves to relax with movies and junk food……..
I don’t know why am I thinking about her…..
help me Suki, whereevr you are,,,,,,,I again “plead before you”

Best answer(s):

Answer by SQPR
You’re a creeper, dude.

Answer by kiri
She probably doesn’t like you. It’s better to just leave her alone than to let her get freaked out if you really “care” about her.

Answer by Mo
you are both a creeper and a pathetic fool. your emotions arnt real your just in some kind of fantasy. dont ask God or anyone else to help you with such foolishness. wake up and try getting to know someone for real before claiming your in love and stalking their life

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