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Posted in Child Support on 31st May 2011

Steps You Can Take To Collect Back Child Support

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Do you have an old child support order that has gone largely ignored by the other parent of your child? For the child’s sake it’s important for you to take every measure possible to collect on that judgment in order for you to support your child. There are many steps you can take to collect and if you are careful and methodical in your efforts you can and will be successful in recovering the money that is owed.

The first thing you should do is contact the child support enforcement division of the family court where you were given the initial child support order. Make sure you have a valid child support order. If not be sure to file for child support and get the order of support. If you are sure you have a valid order then meet with the enforcement division and find out exactly what information they need to collect on your order.

Usually the enforcement division will report the child support judgment to the department of motor vehicles and the dead beat parents drivers license will be suspended. In some cases this will make the parent come running in to settle their debt but in other cases it could make things worse. The parent in arrears can lose their employment or simply drive without a license. Now if they have no job they can’t pay and if they are in jail for driving on suspended license they can’t pay. So this step can actually do more harm than good.

Another step you can take is to locate the deadbeats current place of employment so their employer can be served with an income expectation. The parents pay check will be attached and the child support payments will come directly out of their check. If they are working under the table for cash you may still be able to locate their employer and submit this evidence to the court and still have that income attached. But you will need this evidence documented by a professional so it will stand up in court.

If the parent is elf employed or has a business you may be able to go after his assets or bank accounts. This can be accomplished with an asset search to locate their property and financial records, investments and other income streams. Both of these steps may require the assistance of a private investigator to locate his employment or his assets. While a savvy businessman may be very good at hiding income and assets the experienced investigator can often locate the hidden funds.

Most private detectives will require a retainer up front to locate this information for you. It is important for you to beware of agencies or companies that will offer to locate the deadbeat and their employment and assets on a contingency fee basis. They will want to take a large cut of the child support that they recover. This is unnecessary as you can do much of the leg work yourself and use investigators that charge a flat fee to obtain the information you can’t get on your own. You should at least try to do it onyour own without giving up the lions share of your money to some company out to make a buck.

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