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Posted in Child Support on 7th December 2010

Stepfather keeping my “child support” from me!! Legal? HELP?
Here is the situation:
I am 19 and a full time college student. My real father passed away when I was 13 and since then my mother has received payments from the government to support me (I guess because he worked for the government for a long time and served in the Vietnam War and some other things; I’m not sure why we receive this money). This money works similar to child support only it is from the government. I will continue to receive it as long as I am a full time student.
My mom got remarried when I was 17, and I have never lived with my mother and my new stepfather. Recently, I got an apartment with my boyfriend, and I need my money from the government to afford my rent. I have always been given this money every month until now. My stepfather claims that because I live with my boyfriend he considers us “married” and therefore my boyfriend should support me instead and my stepfather is not allowing my mother to give me my money as long as I continue to live with my boyfriend.

Is this legal?

Best answer(s):

Answer by tonalc2
No, it isn’t legal.

Answer by Stu
that’s not ok! he didn’t adopt you and has no legal rights to your money! are the checks made out to you or your mother? does she know about this? that sounds quite illegal to me–I’d call the pension office or wherever the check comes from and tell them the situation.

Answer by ghost
Call family services and tell them you have moved, and that your stepfather is commiting a felony by keeping money when you don’t live at the residence.

DON’T say anything to stepdad, just let the govenrment know.

Answer by Nunya B
No, it is not. And the money your getting is most likely a social security benefit. If you are not living with your step father, he has no right to keep your gov’t benefits. I’m not sure what you should do, maybe look up your congressman or senator, call their office and ask.

Answer by betty boop
call and put in a change of address the checks should be coming directly to you because you are over 18. My sister in law moved in with my brother when she was 17 and she got money from social security because of the untimely death of her father. Her mother refused to give the money to her so my mom took her to the social security department and by the next month the checks were coming to her. So call someone! He can not do this to you.

Answer by butterfly8877
The money you’re receiving is called survivor benefits, and it ends at the age of 18 or if the person is going as a full-time student, and can only be obtained to the age of 23…nothing beyond this point. Your boyfriend living with you has nothing to do with it, and you’re stepfather doesn’t have any control or knowledge has to what’s going on with your funds. Here’s how your father received the money: He worked, and the money he put into the system went into a fund, and when he passed away, you (his dependent) would receive funds until the age of 18. Your mother isn’t holding any money. I think your problem lies with your mom’s new husband messing with you. You should call Social Security, give them your info, and they’ll let you know where you stand.

Answer by Fol67
Your not married, so no. It’s illegal if he’s obligated to give it to you. It’s not your boyfriend’s legal responsibility to provide for you, though I hope he’s trying to. I’m sure he’s a nice guy(your boyfriend). Call a district attorney or city judge and ask.

Answer by Santa
The money you are referring to is probably veteran’s benifits or such, though the social security office. When it was set up, they assign a representive payee – – – your mother since you were a minor at the time. Now that you are an adult, you can change the payee to yourself. Contact your local social security office to make an appointment to change this.

If you want, you can probably get your step father in trouble if you tell your situation to the social security office. If you have proof of when you moved out, they will take that money back from him if he cannot prove it was used fo your support.

Answer by me
Call the social security office and tell them to mail the checks to you in your name since your over 18. Also tell them since you have moved you have not received the funds that your stepfather has withheld. Just say “I recently had a change of address and have not received my last ___ checks could you please forward these checks to me as well”. If your stepfather signed and cashed those checks thats fraud and hes in HOT SH**. Good luck!

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