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Posted in Working Mothers on 22nd November 2010

question of blueeyesa1977 : Step mother to 2 children 20 and 16, their “real mother” does not seem to want to do with them … Need help
My husband and I have been married together for 7 years for the last second I can not remember a time, really in the bio-mother in what their children, ie school, life, friends, was not really interested. I know that I am the mother of these children and all I ever hoped for was a friend, someone who could speak to them. old recently with the 16 year he has been missing with his mother again, since she moved back to town (grandchild is why she moved back) you did not try to talk to him on any level, call though and ask how your day was nothing, he tried to call, without any result … I wanted to try with it, think about the whole thing should perhaps talk would open woman to woman, mother, mother, my husband does not want to try a good idea, he repeatedly assert his way to visit her, the trouble with the children will, does not it worked in 7 years, I think something else should or could be tried, but he does not believe that it will work … I NEED HELP Best Answer:

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Let them deal with it as they want

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