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Stages of Speech for Toddlers

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Having your child finally start to speak is one of the first milestones for a toddler. Their speech may not sound like much at first, but it is a step towards communication.

Language development starts to occur gradually over time when toddlers interact with adults, and it’s a very natural process. We as parents are the most influential people when it comes to teaching our toddlers how to speak. Your children will look at you when you speak and try to imitate the sounds. One of the best ways to help your toddler’s speech development is to talk to them. There are plenty of times when my toddler is speaking to me, he’s 14 months, in his own language and I have a conversation with him. Even though I don’t understand him, I’m still helping him to develop his speech.

Reading is another great activity that parents can do with their toddlers to help speech development. Introducing your child to books at this stage helps prepare them for preschool. And the key here is to set some time aside everyday and read to your toddler.

Toddlers will learn speech at different rates, some faster than others. But the important thing is that it should be a steady development.

Here is a list of milestones a toddler will reach given his age.

Starting at 12 months. Most toddlers will be babbling in their own language. Parents and close relatives will be able to understand them, but to everyone else it is just babbling. They will have a 1-5 word vocabulary and can point to their nose, ears or other body part. At this age toddlers will start to understand the power of communication. An example of this is your child asking to be picked up to reach something they can’t.

Starting at 18 months. Toddlers at this age will have about a 100 word vocabulary, most of which will be items your toddler uses and sees such as a spoon, car, cup, etc. Keep in mind most of the words will be unclear, but they will all have meaning. They will start joining words together and be able to say their name.

Starting at 24 months. Your toddler at this age will have a greater vocabulary and will start to learn how to regulate his volume when speaking. They will start to understand what “I”, “me” and “want ” mean, and be able to answer simple questions like “Are you hungry?”, or “Do you want water?”.

This is only a brief list of the milestones your toddler will achieve. Furthermore, all children are different, so the rates at which they achieve them, will vary.

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