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Posted in Toddlers on 6th December 2010

Stacking Cups and Rings as Toddler Toys

Educational value of stacking toddler toys

Stacking toddler toys are perhaps the simplest and most basic form of toddler toys. Every toddler is bound to have at least a couple of sets of these. Whether they are cups, blocks or rings, all of these serve the same purpose is developing a toddlers mental skills. They encourage problem solving, recognition of shapes and sizes, reasoning, colour recognition etc. These stacking toddler toys are educational at many different levels. At the basic level, they can be used as tools to help a toddler recognise different shapes, sizes and colour. At a more advanced level they can be used to learn numbers, the alphabet and even to construct shapes.

Guidelines to buying good stacking toddler toys

The number of cups / blocks / rings is the most crucial. If you want to facilitate learning through these toddler toys then it is necessary that the sets contain at least 5 or more cups / rings / blocks. Most sets available in the market have between 6 to 9 cups / rings / blocks.

Ensure that the stacking toys are made of good non toxic materials and are solid colours, preferably one solid colour per item. This will make colour recognition easier for the child.

You could also look for stacking toddler toys that have pictures on them; these will help in the recognition of shapes etc. This could also be introduced at a later stage.

Basic stacking toddler toys

Basic stacking toddler toys are available in plastic, wood and even fabric. The most common form of these toys are rings, cups and block. These basic stacking sets are great learning aids for toddlers. Stacking sets are also available in fabric. These are great for babies as they are soft and very attractive. However they do not make for great play value as most of these fabric sets are not available in flat colours. The materials that they are made of are generally multi coloured and hence it becomes difficult for a child to differentiate.

Advanced stacking toddler toys

Apart from the basic stacking toddler games, there are also advanced stacking toddler games. These kinds of toddler games encourage problem solving and have great educational value. Stacking toddler games are basically those where each piece represents a particular part of the stack. For example, if the whole stacking toddler toy represents a creature then each individual part will represent a body part of that creature. This sort of toddler toy also ensures motor skill development in your child. These kind of toddler toys are also the make and break kinds that will give your child endless hours of joy as he or she constructs and reconstructs the stacking toddler toy over and over. Care must be taken to ensure that these kinds of stacking toys do not have any small parts that can be detached or easily swallowed by the child. Also ensure that thetoys are made of durable materials are toddler can get quite rough if they have to break something.

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