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Posted in Babysitting on 18th April 2013

how to tell someone no longer wants to be your friend?
I make this schnellenEin. My friend does not respond to my Anrufe2. My friend does not text me more3. When I drive around I call the same friend to ask her if she wants to hang out, and she has always “baby sit” to 4 If I did, I’m at the movies this friend often called to ask her if she wants to hang out and watch a movie, but their response is always “I do not want to spend my money on something I do not want to do” 5 This friend is the same one who followed me on my cell phone previous6 a few months. This friend has a couple of friends and I have no friend but her, and I mean BUCHSTÄBLICHBevor u guys see me as a pathetic person, I just want to say that I have NOT prepher many friends, it’s just who I am. I’m 20 and I have a girlfriend yes u have read correctly, and the loss of that one Freund.Meine question: Does this mean that my friend does not want to be friends more Best Answer (s):

answer by Eiji Sawakita
need some more friends, b / c they may think that too much on her for fun and spend too much time with her. when they act like this fake, then you should not be her friend anyway

reply by Joe
I think so. I’m sorry: (You can try to talk to her about it, that’s all I can

reply by Melinda beat
It is difficult without hearing their side history as well say. Maybe she has to talk concerns about the friendship that one. Would not aware with her. communication is soo in a friendship wichtig.Ich remember a close friend of his friendship with someone who was only to me. I felt honored and she was a great person, but there were times that I felt claustrophobic. I am the kind of person that time with different groups of friends, not the same friend likes to spend all the time. It can be affectionate and have a lot of stress on your friendship. Maybe your friend is in a similar way to feel? Like the authors mentioned above, I would suggest talking to her about your Interessen.Viel luck!

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