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Posted in Toddlers on 20th November 2010

issue of ~ ~ * H * L * N ~*~: So seriously, what happened on this section
So I’m not here as much time as was this section on travel path of people who (has been see as why you think your baby is cute question) parents are not even people who talk about our “dumb babies” and People who make us feel quite a bit to get very angry people’s children into this world. Usually I’m just ignoring it in and continue kind of person, but really this section was really bad last week, and the parents section also. So a few questions, do you think this will ever stop, and these losers, how they feel, should make fun of us and our children will eventually go with yourself and get a life … or you think this is something that is just beginning and the end we will all feel shit after we log off … I am seriously thinking about it, just not always on here anymore, it’s just not fun as it used to … Anyone else feel this way? I think I am just let me get it … hopefully when the kids are back in school it go is not so bad, I wonder how many regulars we will lose during the summer holidays haha Deanna’s mom – no, I’m sure your fine as long as your not wanting to posting questions to kill our children or something Best Answer:

reply by Amanda
I’ve got to go since 2006, it is always changing, if it stupid, I normally comes in the polls and surveys section for a few laughs and then it ettiqute seriously and then try a few questions about pregnancy. Take it with a grain of salt, it is after all the Easter holidays and all the kids arent in school.

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