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Posted in Child Support on 28th February 2011

so my boyfriend, thinks im in this for child support!!!!?
my boyfriend told me this morning, that after the baby is born, and he leaves me im going to “rape him for child support” i dont get it. He told me that when things dont work out he knows that im going to take every penny he has……… What does this mean? does this mean he only with me till i have the baby and then leave?? WTF is going on?
ok so the asshole who wants to say im only a booty call!!! ive been with him for 5 years

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Answer by keckypoo
I would if he leave you. Or you two try to work this out.

Answer by peaches6
You need to talk to him and find out what exactly he means. If that’s the way he feels, then so be it. You’re entitled to child support for your baby. So, don’t let him give you that guilt trip. If he’s not going to be there, don’t fall to his subtle threats, by all means get what’s due to you for your child. Good Luck!

Answer by jj240
na, he’s just afraid that you may want to be single.. and if that is the case, you’ll get some child support.. Any way, i think he will be responsible for the babies insurance, and also for 20%-25% of net pay. Right now, you’re hormones are raging, you guys are probably fighting about everything.. hope not, but most likely… so, he figures this isn’t going to work.. she’s gonna leave..

Answer by ed c
Sounds like you are just a booty call……

Answer by tinaturner
He sounds like he is planning on leaving you after the baby is born.He know you will get mad and make him pay child support and you will get a check every week or every month.

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