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So, in the movie Inception Leo was in the real world in the last scene or in the wrong world?
in the end he turns the little thing and then he is distracted by his children and is not looking to turn back on that thing. ?, he was in the wrong world Best Answer (s):

reply by Marie Ilianova
that’s the point, it makes you fragen.es provides an open movie

reply by Jay Blake Stone
I think the producers intended for you to ask if he was really, personally i think back to the real world, he was still stuck in the dream world though.

response from Martinez
be on your

answer by Karin decide
He was in the real world.-War Saito really strong enough to make a phone call and end Cobb problems or was that just Cobb want to be in limbo projecting his subconscious home? can be anything you want to argue logistics, but if it means that Saito a more powerful and wealthy man (he bought a whole airline on a whim), then there is reason to conclude that he bend the legal system for Cobb. Rich powerful bend laws all the time.-Is there something with that immigration agent or is he just an immigration agent? After two visits should be the conclusion that the immigration guy is just a guy. If he’s staring at Cobb, it’s because his job is to look people over and scrutinize them. Would you let people through immigration without face-to-face control – Did Cobb’s father (Michael Caine) arrange to pick him at the airport, or is it because he’s Cobb projection at this point we read too? much into things. There is a phone on the plane, so Cobb could have easily arranged for pickup. This was they were hatch a complicated plan, arranging for airport pickup would probably be on the to-do list -. Early dream scenes Cobb is wearing a wedding ring, not in the “real world” scenes or the end scenes not appear on the airport – does that mean the end is details like that there is certainly strong evidence that there is a real world and that Cobb does live in it sometimes “reality?” – as if he is not wearing a wedding ring -. Is the fact that Cobb uses totem times that it does not work as a totem and therefore he never knows if he is in reality or not? Also, we read a little too deep into things. The only people who know the weight and feel of this dead time, and Cobb, and since time is dead, Cobb is the only one left who knows the totem tactile details. So yes, he could certainly use it as a measure of reality, the totem was not “ruined” by him using -. Cobbs At the end seem to be children of the same age and are seemingly wearing the same clothes as in his memory of them were – it’s “proof” he’s still dreaming? How are carefully documented by our own Vic Holtreman, at the end of the film Cobb’s kids wear similar outfits to the ones he remembers, but their shoes are different. As for her age: IMDB, if you check, there are really two groups of actors credited with playing Cobb’s kids. The daughter, Philippa is when both 3 and 5 years old credited, while the son, James, as each 20 months and 3 years old will be credited. This suggests that, while it may subtly, there is a difference between the kids in Cobb memories and the kids Cobb comes home. That would suggest the homecoming is in fact “reality.” But do not hesitate to this Debatte.-If the gyro keep spinning or was it about fall over just before Nolan cut black? Sorry, we will never know exactly, although it does not begin to wiggle and it will never be shown to do that in the dream world . Each of us take a guess -. Kind of the point of this last shot

Reply by Nox
It was reality. Here is what the writer and director of the film, Christopher Nolan, has to say: In a September 2010 interview, stated Michael Caine, the Cobb’s father-in-law plays his interpretation of the end with the words: “When I’m there it’s real, because I’m never in the dream. I’m the guy who invented the dream. “Nolan himself interpreted the end as a return to reality, but noted that” I believe that Cobb gets back to his children to choose, because I have small children. humans, the children definitely have it differently than those who do not. ” He pointed out that the above is not the most important element of the end says: “I have a lot of very off-the-wall interpretations … The most important read emotional thing about the top spinning at the end is that Cobb is not looking at it . it does not matter. “I find it a relief to think he is in the real world.

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