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Posted in Child Support on 18th December 2011

So confusing!!! Child support for THREE states?!? Help!!!?
Okay. This is a very detailed post that I need help with.

My fiance has three children. They live in PA. Him and I live in TX. He used to live in WV and so did his ex with his children. After his ex and him split, she filed for child support in WV. He was unemployed at the moment and wasn’t able to make child support payments, although he did give HER money when he could. So what happens? His arrears start up.

This was last year. He landed a job at Autozone, and set up a payment schedule for his child support each month along with full medical/dental coverage for his three kids. Before we set up the payment schedule, we told her that we would pay her 100 a month…but she said “No. I’ll get more with child support.” Well, now she doesn’t. It goes by how much he makes/how many hours he works. So, now she only gets 30 a month for all three kids. Nothing we can do there though..that is done by the state.

She moved her case to PA. But Tim, my fiance, still owed WV for arrears. (She says her child support doesn’t go to her..it goes to Welfare. Or something like that.) So, he filed his taxes at the beginning of this year. The arrears money (Like, 200 dollars) was taken out of his arrears, which was good.

So finally, he was making payments for child support and medical, had no arrears…everything was fine. The child support is going to PA since they live in PA now..and not in WV. Arrears went to WV.

But..for some reason..the case was moved to TX. Not by him. Not by her. Something TX did, I guess.
And now the state of TX is saying that he has NEVER ONCE made a child support payment to her, and is now in arrears of $ 450. We called the TX office..and that is what they told us. We called PA and they said they have received every single one of his the child support payments. We called WV and they said they received the arrears payment and is wondering why in the hell TX is even involved!

So, we are going to call for the FOURTH time today..trying to get this fixed. But..I have a feeling nothing will work. So..my question to you is..

What in the world do we do???

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Answer by drkangel210e
Demand the records from WV proving that he did make payments. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest just finding a way to pay the 450.00. I know it might be a huge financial burden to do so, but it’s going to be less of a cost than the time/money you’ll spend going to court over this.

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