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Posted in Toddlers on 4th December 2010

So-called libertarians, why are so many of you anti-life?
This issue has no more to do with “forcing values” on people than the issue of stepping between a mugger who is about to stab some old grandmother.

It’s about protecting life.

How can you proclaim to believe in liberty if you can’t do something as simple as take the position to protect life?

“Don’t like abortion? don’t get one” Okay, I can play that game. Don’t like slavery? Don’t buy one.

” but but but it’s not huuuuman” So is it a lizard? Since when does your stage of development change your humanity? Is it kind of like how a kid who has gone through puberty is more human than a toddler?

“I don’t want to impose my values on anyone” Okay, then I won’t impose my values on someone who would try to attack you. I wouldn’t want to take away a murderer’s choice.

God forbid that someone be restricted from kiIIing their children willy nilly.

And I do know that some of you are pro-life, I’m addressing those who aren’t.
Tyler, that’s a terrible situation, but it doesn’t make the unborn child any less human. She shouldn’t have to raise the kid, but punishing a child for the actions of someone else is wrong.
Adeline, way to deflect my question.
Elle, I am against most wars. I bet you feel like jackass now.
Lost to the Living, you either evaded my question or you think that something is only immoral if the law makes it illegal. Which is it?
Elle, then your stupid comment about war is wrong, because it’s all relative to their opinion. According to your logic however faulty it may be.

Slavery was just as immoral then as it is now.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Tyler
So, if a 14-year-old is raped by own father and gets pregnant, you still say “no abortion, maybe you should’ve kept your pants on”?? That’s why I simply can’t be a conservative

Answer by adeline
What a ridiculous question and ridiculous examples. I suggest you do some in depth reading and studying before attempting to speak about something you clearly have no knowledge about.

Answer by Elle
So why aren’t you anti-war if you are pro-life? Abortion is a self defense method just like any other. A woman defends herself against the fetus that is making her fat, have stretch marks, lose opportunities, endangering her health, financial and emotional status, etc, etc.

If you are pro-war you cannot scream you are pro-life either.

Morality is relative by the way, slavery was moral 200 years ago and is not today. So goes to show that whatever “immorality” you think abortion has it has nothing to do with morality per se, just your opinion.

Answer by Lost to the Living
Because we have no laws in America that has determined when life begins.

Until the Constitution is amended with a provision that protects an unborn child, a fetus, abortion will always be legalized.

So really there no point in constantly bitching about it, or killing abortion doctors, or kidnapping people, or blowing up clinics — you want to stop it once and for all petition for a constitutional amendment until then stop blowing hot air.

Answer by Françoise ♑
Fetuses are not people. Half of pregnancies end up in miscarriage. Amazingly we do not treat those as though they are people.

If you actually cared about life then you would be pro universal health care.

Answer by RyGuy
Currently, parts of our society sees a fetus as a part of the mother. Because of that fact, you are imposing your values.
That being said, libertarians are not all uniform. Every person is an individual and that is reflected by the differing viewpoint.
I strongly disagree with abortions, but up to a certain point (maybe first trimester) I do believe it is the mother’s choice. It’s such a touchy issue legally, because one must determine when life actually begins.

Answer by Corrine
This is where I depart from the libertarian movement.

If they had common sense, they would understand that until it can proven that life doesn’t start at conception, they protect the right to life.

Answer by Anthony (End the Fed!)
I am very torn on the abortion issue.

Both sides have ethical problems. Pro-lifers ignore the rights of the mother while pro-choicers ignore the rights of the fetus. Until we can find some for sure evidence of exactly where life begins we cannot put an end to this debate. If life begins at conception then all abortion is murder; if life begins at sentience a quick decision very early in the pregnancy is not murder.

However, the cells that make up the growing organism in the womb are alive, but they are cells. Surely criminalizing the killing of cells is something no one is advocating. A cluster of cells will turn into a human, but at what point is removing those cells murder? That is where I personally am completely torn. I haven’t yet made my decision on when life begins, though I am leaning towards the pro-life stance.

What about in instances where the mother’s life is in danger? Both have a right to life, right? Surely the mother’s right to life cannot be taken away, but as someone who is pro-life, you also feel that the fetus’s right to life also cannot be taken. I do not have an answer to this situation. If we establish that all abortions are murder no matter when they are done, then how do we decide which life is worth more? I’m not trying to corner you, I’m just sorting out some thoughts. I also think that if we cannot for sure say that abortion is not murder, shouldn’t life be protected? I mean, we shouldn’t just say “well I don’t believe it is murder so go ahead and kill it.” Because of these ethical issues on both sides of the debate, I am very adamantly against federal involvement. Until we can come up with solid, un-debatable proof that abortion is murder then this issue is reserved to the states or the people.

I am leaning towards the pro-life side, but I will continue to think about this issue to find a solid footing.

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