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Posted in Working Mothers on 7th January 2011

Single Working Mothers Can Return to School Through Obama’s Much Needed Scholarship Program

President Barack Obama has entered office at a very critical stage. Not only is he under pressure to make history as the first black president of the country but he has also taken over presidency at the time of global turmoil, terrorism, economic meltdown and amidst various political problems.

The methods Obama uses to strengthen America are evident in the kind of initiatives he takes and programs he proposes. One such program is Obama’s Scholarship for Mothers Program which will enable working mothers and single moms to get scholarships of up to ,000 to go to colleges for higher degrees and better education, enabling them to have a better life and not be solely dependent on someone.

This program is a giant leap by Obama administration in trying to strengthen the country at the ground level and provide a much better chance for mothers who want to do something constructive and earn better for themselves and their children.

In addition to the visible, apparent ones, there are innumerous indirect advantages of such scholarship grants such as lower crime rate, a better educated society and improved literacy rate.

Perhaps the best thing about Obama’s scholarship grant though is that the amount thus received by mothers is not only completely interest-free, but it’s also not required to be paid back. Yes, you read it right! Once you are granted the scholarship ? which is fairly easy ? all your educational expenses are paid by the government.

So all you mothers, whether you are single, working or a housewife, now is your time and yes, you can.

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