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Posted in Working Mothers on 23rd July 2011

Single Mother Grants: Making Lives Even Better for Single Moms

Article by Amie Haskett

In order to help single parents cope with the financially difficult times of today, President Obama launched the “Moms Return to School Government Grant Scholarship.” This is one of Obama’s single mother grants and his way of encouraging single mothers to return to school and continue their studies. This grant gives ,000 to the beneficiaries for their college education. As of the moment, not many people are aware of this program so the government is doing its best to disseminate the information. With this kind of financial assistance, single mothers would be able to finish their college studies and get a job that pays well.

With single mother grants such as the Moms Return to School Government Grant Scholarship, single mothers would be able to get additional skills and qualifications for future employment. Being a single mother with many children means that she has to work very hard to be able to provide for her family’s needs. If she does not have a degree, she will only be able to get low-paying jobs. The income in such jobs will not be enough to meet all the needs of the family. With a college degree, she would be able to have more employment options to choose from.

Aside from the mentioned scholarship grant, Obama has also raised the Federal Pell Grant to 00 from 50. There is also a huge possibility that he may increase the amount of this grant further later. This financial aid can also be availed of by single, unemployed or working mothers. In order to apply for these educational grants, you just need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. You should also identify the college or university you want to enroll in and then submit the FAFSA form.

Single moms who are studying are fortunate enough to get tax benefits when they avail of the American Opportunity Tax Credit program. This program can provide them a 00 discount on their tuition. Coupled with the educational grants they are entitled to, they can get through college without spending much. The state will actually invest in the education of these women so that they will become productive citizens later on. Such an opportunity should be taken advantage of and should not be missed.

Obama’s scholarship can also be enjoyed online. Online education is actually a great option for single mothers so that they can stay home and be able to attend to their children and housework while studying. Online education gives them the kind of flexibility that single parents need so as to have enough time for their family and the home. Expenses for transportation will also be eliminated as the student can just study at home. The Obama grant is such a big help in these financially tough times.

There are other single mother grants that the government offers such as housing grants, food coupons and medical insurance, among others. One has just to be resourceful and patientenough to find and avail of these. Single parents have the opportunity to make their lives better, for themselves and for their children as well.

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