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Posted in Toddlers on 4th February 2014

I let her outside with a wall around it (no door) in a manger. and now my sims can not cry, because of how I get the social worker to take it plz answer plz plz sleep away! k ThinX Best Answer (s):

Arely answer
There is a way actually. but it is a Betrüger.zuerst, ctrl, shift, c (all at once), press a bar will come on the top of the screen, then enter, testing (without spaces) or true for testing (it does not really matter .. .), press the Eingabetaste.nach that, press Shift while clicking on who or what you want to delete. it should be three options that person / thing to be around. click the one that “article” says, there will be a button that says “Delete” just click be that and it is removed from the game werden.das is all you need to do!

response of perfect velvet
you can not kill your child. But if you leave the toddler alone (without food, red mood), they get taken away.

LOL ……. get a birthday cake for your baby

Answer by Jessica
Why do you want to kill your child that age me confused. But anyway here’s a few ideas: 1 Start a fire in the room thing a cheap fireplace and put a couch made by the lighting right next to you. let the child in the room. Not call the firefighters. He will pass on tragically. (2 Open a cheat bar (ctrl shift c) and type in “testing true” then hold down the Ctrl and Shift while you are on your child “trigger age transition” repeatedly until he dies of Altersschwäche.3. Use two ., but instead of “trigger age transition” to “object” and “Delete” .4. bring your Sims to the day spa or keep them out of the house until your child dies of hunger., you can use the babysitter, as long as it make it impossible to achieve for the babysitter your child anrufen.Viel luck on killing little stress!!!

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