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Posted in Toddlers on 5th June 2011

Sims 2 ideas? What can I do!?
I am kinda getting bored. I have downloaded a few hair and clothes but no furniture. I only have the sims 2. No EP’s.

What are some ideas of familys, hosues etc can i make?
Someone said “A teen rasing a baby/toddler”
im dong that 🙂

Also any good cheats or stuff?

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Answer by SonoranAngel
Well, if you want to make a lot of money pretty quick to buy stuff here is what you do….
Set up a small simple house for a male sim then romance him and marry. Then have a small pool at your house, have him swim in it without the ladder. Put your girl sim to bed first so she doesn’t get in with him. Fast forward the action makes it quick. He’ll drowned and you get his money. Then make a new sim for that house and do it over again.
I made lots of money, had a graveyard set up for the old husbands and had fun watching them “haunt” me. Sounds morbid, but hey, it’s only a game. Then I had lots of money, moved into a huge house and got married and did the family thing.

Answer by Role
You can also do grandparents taking care of a toddler who just lost their mother and father or both mothers.

If you want you can go to www.modthesims2.com there is houses there where you dont need any expansions and alot of cool clothing and hair styles. www.thesims2.com there is nice houses there =]

Motherlode – $ 50,000
Kaching – $ 1,000
maxmotives – Maxs all hygiene,social,hunger etc.
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true – Unlocks certain things little hacks here and there one for example makes everyone friendly with you.
moveobjects on – allows you to place objects where they arent suppose to be places and can move you character, be careful with the delete button especially if its your sims hehe.

Answer by Casey B
On thesimsresource there are challenges, they make things different. Or get some expansion packs, they change the game a lot.

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