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Posted in Babysitting on 1st February 2013

Simple question babysitter?
I am a babysitter and how should I say, change the nut to improve me a few things she would like for me /? I want them to really like mich.Ich want the text to say “hello, I have a question. What are somethings you would like for me to improve / change while babysitting?” How should I contact? Correct my sentence Best Answer (s):.

response from Christopher
you have it right. “Hello, I was, like you think that I, as a babysitter curiosity and if you have any beat, I’ll try to i> for better intention for you and your kid (s)

I suggest you do this in person the next time you sit on the first see the mother (or the father – fathers are like included, too), just smile and say. “I want You ask how you think I’m doing. Some feedback on anything you think I could still improve would be appreciated. “And let’s just give them a few moments, and when she, as if she does not answer, you can immediately see, add:..” I do not reply immediately, but if anything else, let me know I want to do that job well for you and the kids. “Good luck!

response from Jahier you
they should ask you for your shift is over. When the children / child sleeps just ask the mother, you need to improve. Way you are shows her that you do not think your perfect, and you can take advice. you will love and so will I.

response from crashtestpuppets
I think I would it start with “Is there anything I can do” or “Is there anything you would like me to do differently,” Is there anything I can do to make things easier?

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