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Posted in Babysitting on 21st August 2011

Should Your Baby Sitting Services Include Tutoring and Cooking?

There are some babysitters that have the idea that baby sitting service is simply letting the kids watch television all day long as they talk endlessly over the phone. In fact, this has been the previous case in most homes so that parents now search for someone who can do much more and at reasonable costs. Some parents look for babysitters who can do tutoring and cooking.

Tutors visit the homes of parents to help their kids on a one on one basis. Tutors could assist in general homework, projects, studying techniques and exam preparation. Subjects most in demand include Science, Mathematics, and Language. Most tutoring babysitters can tutor for at least an hour or two hours in the same day that they are sitting for your kids.

What parents should look for in a tutor must include childcare experience, good academic record, excellent study methods, driver’s license with a clean record, CPR/First Aid Certificate (particularly if the babysitter is working with very young children), some form of training within the field, mentoring skills, no criminal record, and other desirable qualities such as friendliness, commitment, dependability, honesty, sensibility, trustworthiness, patience and punctuality.

Some parents also look for baby sitters who know how to cook for the kids. Some parents hire babysitters when it’s around mealtime, and in this case, they’d want the babysitters to be able to cook. It would be great if the sitters could let the kids help in meal preparations as this will keep them occupied and it will teach them valuable lessons in life. However, parents must remind them of to take safety precautions. Don’t allow your kids to handle hot pans or liquids, and the babysitter should have them dressed in appropriate clothing. Keep sharp objects away from the kids. Prepare something safe if children are around, such as a sandwich (or have them form the cookie dough).

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