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Posted in Child Support on 13th January 2011

Should the government keep tabs on child support money?
Maybe make sure the money goes into the child’s trust fund or something. Just to ensure the ex-wife doesnt use the “child support” to buy gucci handbags.

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Answer by ♪Hey jude♫
Sorry, but that won’t happen.
Child support pays rent, utilities & food & clothing, not trust funds.

Answer by neoalien
Child support is just that, child support, housing, clothing, feeding, and schooling, not for trust funds.

Answer by tylernmi
Not necessary to keep tabs, as children need to eat, wear shoes and clothes, etc., etc. If anyone can buy a Gucci bag, believe me, it won’t happen very often, unless in a thrift store.
Don’t sweat the small stuff, as daily living expenses can eat up money very fast. If your child(ren) are happy and well cared for, be happy with them. Remember, it is tax deductible. Best wishes

Answer by logical in thought
Yes, however putting in a trust account may work for the rich and famous. But for ninety per cent of single moms this would not work. And for the publics information we are not going out buying gucci anything. Child support for most mothers is not near enough to cover the expenses of raising a child. If the goverment is involved it generally means it is a dead beat dad, and trust me the government will only help if it is easy to find the dad, and then he quits his job only to get paid under the table.

Answer by Michael E
Unless the child is malnourished, naked, or living in a residence without water/power, the money is being spent as it was intended to be spent. The LAST thing we need is MORE government control in our personal lives.

Answer by Kathryn B
Mothers made the child too, so child support should not!!! pay rent and utilities. She has to pay for these things for herself anyway. Child support should be designated for the child’s use only. Buy school clothes, school pictures, sports team fees or what ever else the CHILD needs not lazy Mothers and their good for nothing live in boyfriends. In the real world, I’ve seen too many instances of Dads being punished for trying to stand up to a manipulative, power hungry so called Mother, when all he is trying to do is be a Father and mentor. All she has too do is scream abuse and Dad loses all rights to his child. The law will revoke his drivers license, keep his income tax rebate, even throw him in jail with little or no proof, yet she can abuse the child and the support with no consequence. No, I’m not a Dad, I’m a woman who has seen the same abuse of the system in many instances with friends, brother, son-in-law and current husband. I supported myself and my children without becoming a leach. Mom, get out there and get a job, or two and support yourself! from a 50 year old Mom/Grandma

Answer by Yvette B yvetteb
oh thats an easy answer….

they dont keep tabs, because its common sense, and SO OBVIOUS:

you pay what? 400? 600? 900?

ok, lets see…
-rent; 1000
-electric 300-500
-food 400-600
-diapers 75-150 per month (fluctuates when baby is sick or teething)
-formula 200
-heat 300-400
-phone/cable 100
-water bill 50
-sewer bill 50
-auto; (for doctors, dentists, take to school when they miss the bus, pick up when sick, pick up medicines, get food, take to activities) 200
-clothing/shoes/boots 200-400 every 2 to 3 months
(seasonal and they grow)

that doesnt even include toys, birthdays, dental, doctors, glasses, daycare, activities, hair cuts, school supplies, school lunches, school projects, class trips, class pictures, over the counter medicines, prescriptions, laundry det, dish det, cleaners, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, acne medicines, bras, pads, christmas, easter, halloween, tooth fairy, birthdays, etc. and sooo much more.

try calling 1-800- I CANT ADD

Answer by evil_paul
I agree with you 100 percent. Sadly, the child support industry isn’t interested in the rights of fathers or the children they claim to want to help.

My ex-wife forged our intial order for support. so she could get more money, also more than I could afford. So I got behind, and the state garished my wages for six months. The worst part was that I was able to prove that the documents were forged, but the agency didn’t care.

So I had to spend money I didn’t have on an attorney, who got the order vacated, and a judgement on my favor, but the judgement was useless, because in order to collect it owuld victimize my son.

My ex- gets mone from me monthly and from her twins dad, so she’s banking $ 920 a month in child support plus her paycheck, and she always calls asking for more money.

You’re damn right this needs to be regulated.

Answer by Anah B
Child support is not just for the obvious costs of child care! A single woman without kids may still have to pay rent, sure, but she can also live somewhere considerably smaller! So yes, some of that money should go to rent, utilities, etc. I agree that mom shouldn’t subsidize her overpriced handbag habit with kiddo’s CS money, but neither should dad dictate where the money goes.

Child support is based on income, not on some blanket amount for the child.

Answer by Maria L
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