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Posted in Child Support on 27th December 2011

should the child recieve the child support?
why is it that the parents that the child is living with gets the “child support” but the child gets nothing. now i understand that child under the age of 12 would not be able to use the money. my point is is that i am saving money up for college and i think i should get the child support. why? because my dad and stepmoms combined income is over 200k. i dont think 6k a year is gonna make much difference. and what really happens with the money? do the parents actually spend it on the child? i have my doubts because my stepmom got mad that my mom is 200 dollars behind. 200 dollars! what gives? she has no right to be worried bout my child support so why is she involved??? i think i am at the right age (15) that the money ought to go into my bank account for college. so my question is. do you think after a child reaches a certain age that they should recieve the money? and what do you think about step parents getting involved in this situation?
the hell it aint my money! if it aint mine then why do they have the word “child” next to support? it is a parents job no matter what to support their child. if you have a kid then it is your responsiblity to support it! child support (unless in a situation where it is needed) should go to the child for the sake of the childs future!
i totaly agree with you officer j.

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Answer by serena_dee
Maybe if it was put in a trust fund for the child to use for their education? That would work.

Answer by globeweasel
sure through they’re parent, untill they are 18.

Answer by Yomama
No, children should not get child support directly unless the parent decides to do so. Child support is supposed to be used for housing for the child, clothing for the child, meals for the child… I’m assuming you have all this; so the child support is fulfilling its purpose.

Answer by babyjazz1993
I think your stepmom needs to mind her own business because she isn’t even related to you and the child support money isn’t your dad’s or your stepmom’s its called child support so it should go to an account to support the child in the future, and 200 dollars your step-mom needs to stop being greedy and spend her own money its not her business to having anything to do with child support unless she has to pay child support for leaving 1 of her own kids somewhere

Answer by normobrian
The money should go into your bank account if you are going to pay your portion of the rent/mortgage, lights, water, groceries, etc. If there are four people in your house and the mortgage is $ 1,000/ month, you would have to pay $ 250. Same goes for every other expense. Get it?

Your parents are under no obligation, whatsoever, to pay for your college, either now or when you enter it. If you want to guarantee your tuition, get cutting grass right now. Otherwise, you will be waiting tables and going to Community College. Any help that you get from your parents is gravy.

It is NOT your money; it is money that offsets the cost of providing you with basic needs. When you meet those needs/costs yourself, you should be given the money. Otherwise, ….

Answer by Officer J
Your stepmom needs to shut that mouth of hers, and mind her own business. She is not realted to you in anyway, except by marriage. That money should go to you, because it is called CHILD SUPPORT, meaning to support you, not the family. Child support these days are a joke. And if your mom is paying it to your dad, because he is making her do it, and causing her to be “$ 200 behind” then your dad needs a good kick in the pants. God bless you son, you only got 3 years left, then you can leave them, and never have to see them again. In fact, when they get old, don’t take care of them, put their behinds in a nursing home, they deserve it. What goes around comes around. They won’t have control forever.

Answer by tamara g
The money should be used for everyday things like sundries, gas, food, clothing, activities. This is not to be given to the child, unless they choose to set up an account for you, thats up to them but it is mainly to help parents raise a child one month at a time. They use it for electric, water, gas, rent which are things you have to pay to have a home, to raise a child.

Answer by wendy c
It is meaningless who you agree with, or vice versa.
The intent of the law is to reimburse the parent, for the cost of supporting the child.
You can argue with anyone you want.. here or at home. It does not change the law. The law does not operate based on your opinion.

Answer by Susie D
You’re stepmother has no right to be involved – she has not say in the child support.

Irregardless of the amount of money that your custodial parent makes (remember step-mom’s income is a moot point because she has no legal obligation to raise you! If she contributes to your raising that is because she chooses to do so!) your noncustodial parent is morally and legally obligated to contribute to the cost of raising you. This is not money for you to stash away or spend on what you want — it’s money that is mean to go towards all the bills that are involved in raising a child:
health insurance
medical care
school costs
extracurricular acitivities

I am sure if you stopped and added it up you are receiving far more per month than what is being given in child support. Regardless of HIS income your father deserves assistance in raising you because your mother contributed to making you. At 15 I am sure you don’t get all the nuances of raising a child – let me tell you as a mother of 4…..kids are expensive! Plus, as a parent we want our kids to have the best we can provide and that is the obligation of both parents.

Answer by Yesenia
Of course.

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