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Posted in Child Support on 26th December 2011

Should men remain in state & be arrested for not paying child support or leave to find work and be arrested?
for leaving the state while owing child support?

With 13 states facing double-digit unemployment, men ordered to pay child support face giving up trying to find work in their state and moving to another state for perhaps better opportunities.

However, under the “Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act“, passed by Congress in 1998, states can file felony charges for leaving the state while owing child support, in addition to suspending a driver’s license.

So, does one stay and face the chance of arrest for being out of work and in arrears under the “inability to pay is not a defense to the crime of felony non-support” law?

Or, taking the chance of leaving the state to find work, and face a possible Felony arrest for “leaving the state while owing child support”?

With six people for every available job, moving does not guarantee employment.

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Answer by sugar-glider queen
I don’t know what someone should do in this situation… that is painful to even consider..

I think someone out of work should be able to go to court and be heard that they can’t find a job~

I wouldn’t feel right even having my husband do court ordered child support if we split.. I would have to take his word that he would help~ because like this scenario right here.. not having money or a job in this economy does not equal a dead beat parent. It just doesn’t.

I understand the purpose of court ordered child support.. My bio dad moved out of state and avoided child support all my childhood. We got a check for $ 20 once Christmas time.. and then he died when I was 17~ I never knew him and he had absolutely nothing to do with my upbringing ~not even financially.

But~ I feel child support is abused. And if the parent is not allowed any contact with said children~ then screw the child support. They shouldn’t have to pay for kids they don’t have. A check in the mail is not parenting. So a lack of ability to write a check shouldn’t equal “deadbeat” parenting.

This system is absolutely disgusting. I do have to agree with you.

ADD: but moving could mean you never see your kids~ how is that not negative? It is not only negative for the person in question but negative for the children.

Answer by Common sense isn’t anymore..
You can leave the state, you just need to send child support to the state. Moving does not do anything negative to you.

Answer by Babydoll
First of all, it should be a felony if a woman leaves and does not report where she is with the child who the man is paying child support for. The courts sure do lock a poor man up for not being able to pay nor afford an attorney to help him. There isn’t any other useful source to help him besides an attorney he can’t afford. I would encourage the man to leave the country if he can’t afford to fix the matter. However, he should try to get legal assistance to fit the idiot who he ignorantly had a child with.

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