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Posted in Child Care on 9th November 2010

question of chiach147 : Should I vote for this family, only five dollars per hour babysit?
I am a 19 year old student, CPR and first aid training and have reliable transportation and I am ready, the children, the necessary measures to fahren.Die woman I decided to baby-sit for this year, a single mother (that’s the great factor in this situation), but is a nurse and worked full time (it’s not like she wants a waitress) and that I need to see her two daughters (aged 3 and 10) of 10 hours per day, four days a week in this Sommer.Wir spoke recently and she was adamant that ‘their rate of pay $ 5 per hour, that what she is always there for the children’s care is paid for. ” Do you think that is too low? The normal rate seems to 8-12 dollars, with the average, 10. I fit the other families in the past have paid me 8 or 9 and I was on the call for about $ 9 planning. I feel that my qualifications, the seven years of experience, the fact that I am willing to drive, etc. I guarantee for 9 dollars an hour is verlangt.Dies also my only income if I’m looking for her four days a week child care , 40 hours (full time) I will not hold to another job at the same time. As I am a student, it is essential that I make a certain amount of money on my car payments, school payments, books, etc., that I am responsible for. I feel that I’ll give you my time, I could on a real job with minimum wage (8 €), I should AT LEAST minimum wage to be paid, if not more money auszugeben.Ich understand their situation, with a single mother, yet I know not sure if this is a situation that I, or if I want to be paid more or I should agree with another point of view. I feel kind is used only pay $ 5 per hour was for so much time per week, especially when you consider I got $ 5 per hour in the seventh grade, when I baby-sit, began over 7 years. Please give me your thoughts on this-sorry this took forever to read Best Answer:

response from lala
5 dollars? haha .. please im sure you didn’t get ur education full time at $ 5 per hour to work .. shes a nurse .. go! dont even consider minimum wage .. $ 10-12 per hour .. They have the skills and experience .. thats sad that her two children only in the amount of $ 5

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