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Posted in Babysitting on 18th November 2010

question of joeyrchs : Should I leave it or keep trying to make it work ?
me and my now ex-girlfriend went for four months. We have a daughter together (not biologically mine). When I asked them in the 7th Months pregnant and said that it was a package. well with me. were so great things for a while until I went from the state to be for the holidays with my family. When I returned it so hard to get, even a straight answer out of it. she interrupted me with a couple of weeks and we decided that we want to be together, only when we are both working and always ready for a relationship. I work away from home most days and am only at home Saturday afternoon-Tuesday afternoon, when I go back to work. I like to keep something from me to feel. I’m absolutely crazy for thinking so? this weekend she said she is “house sitting” for a friend who is out of town. I will believe her, but at the same time i really do not know if I trust her to undertake what “we” work to take place some other guy. We have had our share of hardships. I can feel like if we shared the birth of a child, we can make it through everything. I like the feeling it is to throw away just cuz its always difficult. ! Helpppp Best Answer:

reply by CeCe
Sorry, I wish I could tell you what you want here, but if you can not trust a person not mean’t to werden.entweder1. Trust her and stay with her until yooh get actual proof los.2 somethings. just ditch her and some other fish in the sea!

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