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I do tae kwon do start?
I’m 13 years old and I have no sports, I used to do gymnastics, but no one was my age, and it was too expensive. I really liked it, but now I’m considering Taekwondo. I just do not want to be the only child of white belt with a ton of small children. If you can help, that would be great Best Answer (s):

Reply Hafizfirst Hamdan name
Just start it. Not only show to niemanden.Alle martial arts start with Gürtel.Gürtel white color and its importance in Tae Kwan-White … you are pure as water, because you do not know anything about Tae Kwan.Yellow-you have some seeds of wisdom gewonnen.Green-The tree of wisdom have begun to wachsen.Blau-The tree of wisdom has it reached the height of the Himmel.Rot-red means danger. You are prolly could someone verletzt.Black-You are now the master of Tae Kwan Do. Nuff said.

response from Googleplex
In most martial arts studios, depending on the size, you will find people of all ages in all different levels. Of children younger than you to old people like me. So go for it.

Reply by Leo L
I started TKD as an adult, because my kids wanted me to come to their class. I am now a black belt and tests for extended ranking in a month. Do not forget to care about someone else’s rank or skills. The work on learning to perfect technique, and not to promote. The color of the tape is not important. The quality of your martial art training. My two children and I have to use something we learned in class to defend ourselves. Do not wear a belt in public. All that matters is that you can to have the awareness, confidence and skills of a sticky situation. Have fun.

Reply Lizzyyyy
If there is a ton of white belt toddelers then that’s a bad sign for a place to Taekwondo are to take anyway. (IMHO). I started when I was 12, and there were more adults actually. Usually when you are 13 you get into the adult / teen class anyway to set, if the place you go to get it offers. You should not worry about what other people think.

response of Random Username
If I did TKD, they had separate classes for children between 6-8 years, 10-14 and over 15. And she even separated by rank as well, so there is no reason why you should not be around your age and skill level in a class with people. These classes

response from Drake
I see your problem. I do not think you should start taekwondo, because now most of the Tae Kwon Do schools in America are Victory, and they dilute Karate ALOT. I would recommend Shotokan, because that is what I am under, and I like it.

Reply Zobia Hussain
Check out the school and see if you like it. When i first started Japanese Jujutsu, I was the oldest in the whole class! (With the exception of trainers) I was 13 and a beginner, but there were black belts who were 13 and could the crap out of everyone who rolled with ’em. It is daunting at first, but just forget about it in a year or so you will be one of the “big kids”, the lower bands are to be afraid of. And you always have the same size advantage over your fellow band members if it can really sparring kommt.Kampfsport to change your life, if you have a passion for it, to work hard and not give up btw: bring a friend, it stick with you, or a sibling. I do jujitsu with my best friend and we are the famous sisters Jujutsu (yeah, we look alike) hope you start Taekwondo: D

Reply by Cole (Death Metal Rocks)
I have trained in three separate tkd dojo in my time. The one I’m currently on a U.S. Pro Taekwondo. It is very difficult, but it pays off. The other two I went, was a ata school and the other was privately owned. Looking back, the other two schools are rediclously pointless and slightly compared to the one I’m currently working on. My current school has a difficult workout routine each day and is open 7 days a week. I exercise at least 4 times a week. I have twice as much in a month, when I learned learned after 6 months ata. If you start tkd, go to a U.S. Pro Taekwondo. It is difficult, but pays off

reply by Joe Sayles, Jr.
The answer to your question is emphatically YES! First, tkd a wonderful activity. You will learn techniques of self-defense and new friends. It is also your self-confidence as you improve and develop your Fähigkeiten.Wenn you have been doing gymnastics for a long time, you should prepare your body out, make tkd training easier than for the average person to be. If you are athletic, you might find that you can draw and quickly be able to find many things because of gymnastics training, others do not. If you train the right dojang, you should have a lot of kids your age who also train. Most studios or dojangs will not allow you to deal with “small children” or children who are much younger than you trainieren.So as a teacher for more than 20 years of tkd under my (black) belt, I say train in taekwondo. I’m going to share a link where you can learn more about the training in Taekwondo. The second link is where you can buy cheap Tae Kwon Do doboks (uniforms) and other martial arts supplies 4 less.

only go if you are the only person to invite a friend your age at your level, but if you go because you want to be a black belt, then you need patience and luck foucuss young 1

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