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Posted in Child Support on 9th December 2010

Should I send him to “Child Support”?
I met this guy, we became friends, we had ocassional sex for quite some time, there was never a relationship or anything like that, long story short, I’m pregnant, it was unplanned (oviously), in the beggining he insisted in me having an abortion, I told him it was out of the question, I told him I was not going to force him to be part of the baby’s life if he doesn’t want to, I never expected to live with him, cause that’s not what it was about… I would never engage in a relationship based on this kind of “compromise” however; I did expect a little bit more of support from him, being that we had been seen eachother for almost two years even if we didn’t have a ‘relationship’ we were ‘friends’, he knows I don’t sleep around so he’s the father. my ? is: should I send him to Child Support?

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Answer by ♥Invisible Pink Unicorn♥
Have you left yet?

Of course you should take him to child support – it takes 2 to make a baby and 2 incomes to raise one properly

If he doesn’t want to visit or help raise that’s on him – but he def. should be held responsible financially

Answer by Me
You told him you weren’t going to force him to be a part of this child’s life so why are you considering doing it now. You made a choice to have this child on your own so you should live up to that responsibility now.

Answer by Sarah
Well, you could.

I understand that you want the baby, and the baby should be wanted, well cared for, and loved, but you also stated you informed this man that the child would be raised by yourself, and you’d never force him to be there for the baby or be involved with the baby. He may view paying child support as being forced into the child’s life, or being forced into a caretaker role for the child.

However, he is the father, whether he wants to be or not, and it is his responsibility as much as it is yours.

Answer by George McCasland
So, what you’re saying is while you are allowed to choose whether or not to abort your responsibility for a child, which you can still do even now, you intend to deny him this right? I assume you are anti equal rights and a sexist *** as a man would be considered who would deny a woman equal rights?

Since you have confirmed on here, and I have saved it to a PDF File if needed, you made an oral contract with him to which you now plan to violate. You can go for child support, but than he can sue you for a breach of contract.

Answer by Liz
First of all, there is no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy. There’s planned, rape or stupidity. Secondly, I think it’s pretty funny that you’re expecting support from a guy who never wanted anything other than free sex from you. And finally, of course you have to file for child support. Your child is entitled to it.

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