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issue of Xtreme : I Should those in the custody settlement proposal ?
My lawyer put this sentence: “. (The woman) is also the recipient of the child tax benefit and the Universal Child Care Benefit have been separated and has not contributed to the care of the child” Now, my wife received all the money while I primary caretaker of our child . She gave me none of that money yet to pay child support. I am willing to drop everything when we split to 50/50 to make parenting vereinbaren.Ich worried that since my wife told me (verbally) they will accept 50/50, that the rates they can or a spot of trouble. I’m mentioning this is not a good idea, right now. ? Even if I did this would be to mention what we suggest and now no role to play in court I guess Any suggestions Best Answer:

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Put the children first and what is important … not one of you.

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