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Posted in Working Mothers on 6th April 2011

Should I have to clean my employers’ mothers house.?
I am employed as a housemaid (live in) and my employers mother recently moved from out of state to live about 5 mins. from where I work. I am required to go to her house 1 day a week to clean and do laundry and other housework. I don’t mind, but two things I think are not good. First I have one less day to get through all the housework at my employers house. Ma’am said she would help out but so far has done little to help. Second I only get $ 20.00 extra for doing it. I know I am not working any extra hours but I have to do the same in less time, I have even done some ironing on my day off (without telling) as I don’t want her to think I can’t cope. Because I only go one day there is a lot to do, I think she likes having a “maid” there and sort of plays the “boss” thing. The day I work there, I think she has her friends come for a chat so they can see “her” maid. I normally I wear a uniform (dress and apron) so I do at her house as well, she insists I answer the door when someone comes so I can show them in. I have given little hints that I think I should stop going, but after every time when I come back I get told how appreciative they are that I go there and how her mother “couldn’t do without me”. Any suggestions on how to get back to having just “one” job..
All very good answers, thank you. Well I went to Mrs. M to put my thoughts forward as suggested. I said about the extra work and she again she would help, but that if was not happy then maybe I need to find another position as she does require me to spend a day at the other house. The thing is I do like it here so I am between a rock and unemployment. Another thing is she said, Oh, and I have just ordered you another dress uniform and two aprins because I thought we were getting on so well.. She said she will discuss the situation with Mr. M , I said I didn’t really want to leave and we left it at that.

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Answer by Snickas
I would start looking for another employer asap. I don’t think it’s right. $ 20 more dollars?!? That’s a total rip off. And the whole door thing? Maybe if she paid you enough..but I would just find another job.

Answer by Gem
Only if the boss is paying you to do so. Dont know exactly what u do but if you are dusting, sweeping, moping, cleaning tubs and toilets, doing dishes, washing clothes, that is at least $ 85.00 -$ 100 a day. My girlfriend owns a business like this and thats what she charges.
Buying groceries and paying bills is also an extra $ 65.00
Ironing is extra – $ 1.75 a piece.
Its not that you cant cope, this is work and you should get what is fare. Quit doing extra things or doing crap behind her back and keep to what you are suppose to do.

Answer by B Anne
Do not do the same in less time. That is unfair to you. Talk to your employer and tell them that you have one day less at their house, and trying to do everything is very stressful and hard on you. Figure out certain things, like the ironing, that just aren’t really reasonable and tell them that if you do two places, you can’t do these things. If they really need you at the other house, then let them know how it can be workable for you. They seem to like you and appreciate you so I hope they will be willing to make it less difficult for you.

Answer by Bandett
She is arrogant person and taking advantage of you . i am sure someone else would love to hire some one as dedicated as you are. you probably could find one that pays more. That is often the case. just start looking and dont tell antone untill you have the job. then give her a 2 day notice at the most. she does not respect you. many people who take advantage of others use that “old worn out complement thing to (pay) you with” start looking. Oh , by the way , when you tell her your going to quit, . She is going to offer a raise. what will you do then?

Answer by paul
I would approach you boss (not her mother) and ask for advise. You find the combination of jobs more than can be done in the time allowed and you are not satisfied with the work. You have your own standards and you can not meet them doing both houses in the same day. She then may suggest alternatives that you will need to be prepared to answer.
1. She will complement your work and say you are doing fine. I would not accept this complement as it is clear there is too much in the second house with only one day to do everything.
2. She may ask that you do part or all of a 6th day each week. I do not think that is a good idea. First you would insist on overtime pay (you should) then she will be more demanding for all the extra work. You can accept or deny, I suggest that you deny as it is clear you do not enjoy doing the 2nd home.
3. She may ask if you to hire a helper but that you supervise the helper. That would be up to you, but a better idea would be for her to hire a second person to do her mothers house and you go back to doing hers.

You working relationship with your boss depends on how well you get along. You will know what your can insist and what your must request. But if you feel comfortable that you can get another job if you lose this one I think you should insist that you do not want the additional duties. She should find someone else to do her mothers house or you will need to seek other employment. Being a servant does not mean you do everything they ask of you.

Answer by M S
In this day of high unemployment, I think you should just deal.
Let Grandma have her fun. You are getting an extra 20 for your trouble. Quit working on your day off. If you can’t get it done in the time you have, then they will see that “giving” you to “mom” one day a week is not such a good deal for them, Ma’am will have to pick up the slack if you don’t work on your day off. And how is she going to see what needs doing if you keep doing it?

Answer by Grace
Are you still employed???
Two things here. One you say you like this job and two you do get an extra few dollars for cleaning the other house and as you say no extra hours are worked. As a live in maid you have a permanent roof, you have a uniform (so no work clothes to buy) I presume you eat your meals there, and you get a salary. Sounds to me not a bad life. As for the mother trying to treat you as “her maid” I think just let it pass she obviously gets her jollies from seeing the envy on her friends faces.
If you are required to wear a uniform at your employers home and if it is what you would call a “traditional” maids uniform try wearing something less uniform like at the mothers house. Maybe just a print dress and plain or floral apron, this will look less “maid” like.
I would stay with the job, as long as everything else is ok.

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