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Posted in Working Mothers on 18th January 2011

Should I have to clean my employers mothers’ house.?
I am employed as a housemaid (live in) and my employers mother recently moved from out of state to live about 5 mins. from where I work. I am required to go to her house 1 day a week to clean and do laundry and other housework. I don’t mind, but two things I think are not good. First I have one less day to get through all the housework at my employers house. Ma’am said she would help out but so far has done little to help. Second I only get $ 20.00 extra for doing it. I know I am not working any extra hours but I have to do the same in less time, I have even done some ironing on my day off (without telling) as I don’t want her to think I can’t cope. Because I only go one day there is a lot to do, I think she likes having a “maid” there and sort of plays the “boss” thing. The day I work there, I think she has her friends come for a chat so they can see “her” maid. I normally I wear a uniform (dress and apron) so I do at her house as well, she insists I answer the door when someone comes so I can show them in. I have given little hints that I think I should stop going, but after every time when I come back I get told how appreciative they are that I go there and how her mother “couldn’t do without me”. Any suggestions on how to get back to having just “one” job..

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Answer by wondering_in_indiana
If they “appreciate” how well you treat their mother, shouldn’t you be there when she needs you?
If you are spending a day at the daughters, you are neglecting the mother, true?
Don’t let this person abuse you as a cheap maid.
Does the mother know or is she mentally disabled?

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