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Posted in Babysitting on 12th January 2011

Should I forgive a friend for not returning my calls and text messages on time?
She would usually return my calls and/or reply to my text messages 3 days or a week later. She’d apologize and come up with excuses like “babysitting” or “I was cleaning my room,” but I don’t think they’re valid excuses for replying late. It’s been going on since last June, and I’ve always been giving her the benefit of the doubt. She’s ignored other friends’ calls when we’re together, and I think she’s doing the same with me. When I bring this up with her, she would say, “Sometimes my phone doesn’t let calls/texts go through and I’ve gone to the cell phone place to get it fixed, but it still does it.” – I think that’s a bunch of bullcrap. I ask if she’s ignoring, but she gets all sensitive and asks me if I care about being her friend. I just don’t care anymore and I wanna know what other people think about this. I’d rather be investing my time with people who care. Should I continue to accept her slacker tendencies or move on? I appreciate anyone’s input. Thanks.

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Answer by Alyeria
Look, from time to time i’m pretty slack with replying to txts and i hardly ever return calls, i just figure that if it’s important they’ll call back. It’s possible that she’s just busy doing other things and hasn;’t got time to drop everythign and go running to answer your call or txt msg as soon as her phone goes off. Is it seriously worth throwing away a friendship just because she doesn’t always answer her phone or reply when you want her too. You’re her friend, not her mother.

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