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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of Icky : I want a “babysitter” as a step mother to be ?
Let me say something b4 I get criticized … I have a 5yr old step son and he has a mother that made me to “babysit” Every week that they want to go and party or whatever. I told my husband I’m done with it! I am not a “convenience” and if she needs a babysitter can they pay me! My husband has worked a lot and we have worked every day he gets it from his son, makes sense right? He’s here to see his father! Now tell me why they call and see if they can make it early will almost every time. It’s ridiculous! It has nothing to do with the child. He is more than welcome in our home anytime! I just do not think it’s fair for me or him. He comes to see his father! I have no problem, part of his life! I just do not know that he claims me for his mother, or be as close to hate! I am 7 months pregnant with my husband and my 2nd Child. We have a 2 year old as well! We pay for children and the child regularly buy something. He is very much a part of this family! He is with us every weekend from Sat night on Mon The court order says 52 nights per year. He makes more than most fathers. I want to feel when their “weekend”, it can also him to us! She works 40 + hours per week and sees him only at night. Ughh! Does anyone see a problem? “I just wanted to add … she givin it up to 2x and it is known to have drug problems. I have problems with it. When I say party … I don; ‘t know what it does. I think I soo upset because I do problems with it and I think they should be strengthened and a parent! The boy deserves it! He did not ask to be here! My husband works Friday and Saturday is why we got him sat night. She tried to depose him before. I just do not think I was a substitute parent. I’m an “other” parent, but I’m not his mother! I love him to death, but its still not fair! Like I said, he was here to see his father and if his father has to go somewhere I want to see him … but I do not like the idea of watching him because she “plans” has (her words exactly!) Im sorry, she is on “their feet” again, but I still don ‘t trust them and their intentions. It tends to be munipulitive and a compulsive liar …. she said to my husband had cancer and had it before! WTF ?!?! Best answer:

reply by Kristina
NO! Step on it! This is no way to treat a loving child. Talk to the mother. Tell her how you feel! Tell your man! You are the REAL family here not her.

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