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Posted in Child Care on 19th December 2010

Should Government FORCE you to wear a seat-belt or is there “another” reason?$ $ $ $ $ ?

I WEAR a seat-belt at ALL times and your an idiot if you don’t wear one…it’s cheap insurance and may save your life.

but that’s NOT the point!!!

We allow our freedoms to be taken without any objections all in the name of safety.

Should CHILDREN be required to wear one: YES, no question there!

Should adults be required to wear one: No! We should have the RIGHT to be stupid and have the FREEDOM to NOT to!

What about lives to be saved: It’s a statistical fact that seat belts have NOT saved the 1000’s of lives they claim….really look it up. In my state highway deaths have either gone up or stayed the same since seat belt laws were enacted 8 years ago.

Then WHAT has Changed with Seat Belt Laws:

Ahhhhhh…they REAL reason for Seat Belt laws: Our State alone took in OVER 32.4 MILLION in NEW fines: Cleveland Plain Dealer Sept 2007, Metro section pg 15

Do we get CHEAPER INSURANCE RATES: NOPE, Insurance rates have continually gone up about 2.3% and there has been no change since laws were enacted.

Then WHY have Seat Belt Laws:

They are the typical “Government please come into my life and protect me from myself LAWS”. They are intellectually insulting and are so obvious why $ $ $ $ $ $ in their pockets.

Well, maybe cause the Governments “CARES” about us:

If you believe Federal, State & Local governments actually “CARE” about us……….you must be 10 years old! Try not paying your property tax for a Month or two and you’ll find out exactly how much they “CARE” about you…they WILL throw you on the street and take in their mind “THEIR” house.

When will we wake up…..they are taking every right we have…RIGHTS that we are supposed to give THEM…not the other way around

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Answer by americankilla
You have needed to wear a seatbelt for over 20 years. What are you talking about?

And when you finally get universal health care, you are on the governments dime. you can’t go and destroy yourself and have the taxpayers pay your way.

btw, your gay pride picture is disturbing.

Answer by Rail-Rocker
hey stay in Montana ! don’t you have any bulls to milk?

Answer by r1b1c*
Although in essence I agree with you, the law exists because too many people are not intelligent enough to make the right choice. And so, the government makes it for you. If you make the right choice on your own then the law makes no difference to you, kinda like having the government pass a law that makes it mandatory to breathe, if you want to live then that law is meaningless to you.

Answer by lil southern girl
I’m with you. I’m always going to wear my seat belt, and I agree kids should have to, but I think if an adult wants to ride around unbelted it’s their own business. Big Brother is way too far up our rear ends.

Answer by Wang Chung
I don’t appreciate being called an idiot by the likes of you. I only buckle up on long road trips. However, I drive defensively unlike most people and haven’t had an accident in 30 years. Most people buckle up and then drive like total nuts. That is what is really stupid.

Answer by Call Me Old Fashioned
I agree with you 100%.
We should have the FREEDOM to choose our own stupidity, isn’t that what this nations supposed to be about?
If all these people are so concerend about safety, then they would wear the damn seatbelt whether or not the government tells us to.
The others would just be exercising their right to free movement, which apparently is deemed unnnecessary by the feds!

Answer by novarobin- back to work šŸ™
This is more of a rant than a question.

Can you cite those statistics?

In my experience as a first responder, the seatbelt does save lives as they claim it does. It does not save lives everytime, and there are the incidents where it cause more injuries, but they are far less than the amount of time it saves live. I can’t tell you how many accidents I have seen where one was not wearing a seatbelt and one was. The one with the seatbelt walked away and the one without was carried away in a body bag.
When I get to a scene, I can tell without asking by the injuries who has been wearing their seatbelt even in minor fender benders.

I believe if the law were not there, many many more people would not be wearing their seatbelt.

Defensive driving is not an excuse to not wear you seatbelt. You can’t avoid every accident. Even though you may be driving safe, you can’t control everyone around you.

Answer by texaslibsticker
The government states two reasons to force me to wear a seatbelt. The cost of hospitalization was a drain, and safety. I have health insurance, so I will not be a burden on the state; and the safety thing has been proven to be 50/50.

Texas has a law that states all drivers must be insured, and they can now check for insurance by running your license plate. I think they should also be able to tell that I have full coverage health insurance the same way, so I do not have to wear a seat belt. When the cop pulls up behind me, and see’s I’m not wearing my belt, he can run my plate and tell that I am fully covered, and move on to harrass the next law abiding citizen.

Maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Maybe the only way to convince the morons in the big city the folly of their ways is to hit them directly. In places like New York people mostly walk everywhere, because cars are difficult to get around. Anyone that has walked in the city knows it far more dangerous, and the cars always win. Health insurance is not mandatory, and even if it was socialist health care, pedistrian accidents are a huge burden on the government. Americans are tired of footing the bill for stupid yankees because they lack the mental ability to drive.

So, I think we need to pass a law that states if you walk anywhere in the country, you need to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, hip pads, shoulder pads, shin pads, wrist braces, ankle braces, knee braces, and a full face protector. If you are ever caught without any of these things on, the fine would have to be huge, like 10k for the first offense, 50k for the 2nd, and 100k for 3rd. After that, you would be placed in federal prison the amount of years equeal to the amount of offenses (4 years for the 4th, 5 years for the 5th, and so on).

Once that is passed, we need to make it includes bikes and skateboards. Finally, we add that politicians all must place their hands on a bible, and take an oath of truth before they say anything. If anything they have said is ever found to be not true, then they are to tried for lying, and stripped of their benefits and pay.

So now, with these laws passed, we will never have to look at Pelosi’s ugly face, politicians will always tell the truth, and presidents won’t get elected because they have perfect hair.

Answer by CAM
The question is asked by an American. The answerer is British where we have State-Funded medical treatment for accident victims, so British law COMPELS Brits to wear seat belts to save expense for the taxpayer in A & E Hospital treatment.
As to whether seat belts do or do not save lives, asker believes they don’t, based upon his reading. Answerer believes they do, based upon HIS reading, so opinion seems to depend upon what we read.
But asker is cutting it fine in wishing to defy seat belt laws. Freedom to be foolish? I’ll bet he willingly complies with every other law about driving a vehicle, so why bitch about seat belts?

Answer by Mad Max
I believe the answer is that since the government owns the roads they *can* establish rules and regulations about how we can use those roads. There is a difference here between “can” and “should”.

One of these rules is that we must wear a seat belt. Another is that we must obey the posted speed limits.

If you are driving on your own private road, I believe you are allowed to drive without a seat belt as well as drive as fast as you want.

So I think your question boils down to, “should the government be in charge of the roads?” If we had private enterprise in charge of the roads the rules might be very different, but they could also differ from one private drive to another.

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