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Posted in Child Support on 29th March 2011

Sending child support overseas

Monday, November 29, 2010

While many responsible divorced or non-married couples with children have arrangements regarding child support, there may be complications when one party moves overseas. For those who pay child support and are planning to move abroad, there are many factors to consider.

Most importantly, before one parent moves abroad, both adults who care for the child at hand must come to an agreement about the terms and conditions of the move. Without permission from a court, the act of moving a child to another country could be considered abduction, according to the UK’s Child Support Laws.

One excellent resource for parents who are planning on moving abroad, or those who have a former spouse or partner residing in another country, is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families. Here you’ll find information about the ins and outs of child support, including a wealth of information on international child support.

The organization lists a number of countries and their respective enforcement laws concerning international child support. The website also lists country-specific resources that offer more in-depth information.

Adults who have reached an agreement with the recipient of their child support have several options on how to wire money to make payments. Many choose to send money online through a secure money transfer service.

The U.S. State department reminds those who are considering moving abroad that it is not possible to obtain a passport if you owe ,500 or more in child support. Once the amount owed is paid off, it may take up to three weeks before Passport Services processes the passport application.

Child support enforcement laws in the U.S. depend on state legislation. Those who are sending money internationally should have a full grasp of both U.S. state laws and the laws of the nation in which they reside, in order to avoid any legal trouble. The website ChildSupport.com offers an easy-to-access resource that clearly outlines the various state laws regarding child support enforcement and collection.

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