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Posted in Working Mothers on 21st February 2011

Seize the Opportunity and Receive Financial Assistance from Obama’s Scholarship for Mothers Program

Article by khmer Lee P. Lugod

President Obama pushed through the “Scholarship for Mothers Program” that offers scholarships and free money for mothers who are determined to have a degree in college. This program strengthens the Federal Pell Grant through increasing financial support and broadening academic opportunities for mothers.

The new “Scholarship for Mothers Program” offers scholarship up to an amount of ,000, which is more than half of the original ,050 Pell Grant.

Aside from that, the improvised program now covers not only inside the classroom learning but as well as distance learning through online college programs.

These scholarship programs give hope to all mothers who have difficulty continuing school because of financial problems. It encourages every mom to improve their career by obtaining a higher degree of education.

Single mothers do not have to be contented with jobs that do not give them a chance to have a better future. It is time for mothers to build a career of their own with the help of a degree that will support them along the way.

Stop hesitating and take advantage of the scholarships and grants offered to all mothers. Start now by applying in a university or college. You can inquire in the universities regarding scholarship programs that they offer for working mothers. Most schools nowadays have study programs that are specially designed for mothers who balance work with study. You can also inquire at your local state office regarding grants that they offer for mothers like you.

Finishing a college degree will definitely be your ticket to have a better and stable future with your family. With a college degree, you will hold the qualifications for higher position jobs that can give better compensations. In return, you will be able to provide the needs of your family and have a building career ahead of you.

Indeed President Obama’s vision to give everyone an opportunity in education is coming true. He has given all working mothers the great chance of returning to school and earning the degree they have always wanted. Financial support will not be a problem because of the “Scholarship for Mothers Program” that provides free education for every working mom who deserves it.

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