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Posted in Working Mothers on 6th November 2010

question of steves95008 : Screaming “You are marrying the wrong woman!” at the wedding?
Friend was working at a wedding of someone with whom he and knew the family well. It was a beautiful church wedding. In the middle of everything, the father of the groom – who was not in the wedding for whatever reason – was struggling with his ex during the ceremony. I guess you can not come sehen.Er stands, turns red in the face and shouts to his son: “You are married the wrong woman you stupid SH * T is the girl next to you as your mother,” He promised him ten thousand dollars to foot the wedding with him. He did not further disturbed, and the wedding in a few minutes after the father went very hinaus.Wie would this situation Best Answer:

response from Nessa R
Wow … thats horrible … I would not be able to talk to him for a very long time … überhaupt.Wenn if he felt he had much to say something before the wedding and if he does tend to say they obviously do not care for his opinion, he should not ever been there!

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